Overlord's Last Stand (4e Feat)

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Overlord's Last Stand [Racial]

The Overlord's Immense Power emerges.
Prerequisite: Overlord (4e Race), Level 11
Benefit: You Gain The Overlord's Last Stand Power

Overlord's Last Stand Overlord Racial Power
Overlord's endless hunger causes you to enable yourself greater vitality.
At-Will Star.gif Necrotic
No Action Close burst 3 (Becomes close burst 4 at Level 21)
Trigger: Death of Self
Prerequisite: Overlord
Special: Max Revives Per encounter from this power is 2(3 at level 21)
Target: All creatures within the burst
Effect: Upon death the Overlord's essence explodes dealing 1d4 points of damage for every two levels the Overlord possesses and 1d12 necrotic damage
Special: If this ability kills or gives a creature the dying condition the Overlord can sacrifice 3 healing to revive with his constitution score and 1/2 his con modifier(Upon Revival The Overlord has all His Gear As it was just Before his Death)

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