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A compendium of all the known ways to die. Feel free to add.

Ways to Die
1 Spiked centrifuge
2 Ability Drain
3 Acid
4 Angry monkeys
5 Apocalypse
6 Astral cord severed when in Astral Plane
7 Avalanche
8 Banshee's keening
9 Be level one and try to take on a Worm That Walks with nothing but a can of insecticide
10 Be on the wrong end of Pun Pun's anger
11 Be the one who has to hold off 10,000 angry Dragonspawn on mounts
12 Be within five feet of the contact of a Rod of Cancellation and a Sphere of Annihilation
13 Beaten by a proverbial ton of bricks
14 Being absent and the other players remember to take your unconscious body out of the fiery pit the morning AFTER the battle (burnt to oblivion)
15 Being crush under the weight of a girallon from a 70ft redwood, SQUISH!!!
16 Being different from a beholder
17 Being Fallen Upon
18 One thousand pins causing 1 hp damage each
19 Being the target of an area spell with a 1 mile burst affect
20 Glancing blow by a steamroller squashes top 2 inches of your head
21 Bodak's death gaze
23 Brain Extracted (Mindflayer)
24 Break the Staff of the Magi.
25 Dropping a portable hole into a klein bottle
26 Bull-rushed off the edge of a giant chasm
27 Buried alive
28 Call a Balor's toughness into question
29 Call Bel a poor tactician
30 Calling a Great Wyrm Red Dragon's hoard inadequate
31 Hugging a Lich
32 Captured and killed (or tortured)
33 Caught in a collapsing building/tunnel/dungeon
35 Challenging Orcus to a skull-crushing competition
36 Choking/strangulation
37 Necrotizing fasciitis
38 Claim that Asmodeus can't plan for crap
39 Commenting on Orcus's weight
40 Covered in Salamander piss
41 Cow falling on top of you... only if you are a gnome or a kobold
42 Crucifixion
43 Curse
44 Dancing in an orc stronghold for no reason
45 Dancing with a giant with two left feet (Squished)
46 Decapitation
47 Dehydration
48 Disease
49 Disintegrated
50 Drawn and Quartered
51 Quartered and Drawn
53 Drowning
54 Eaten by rabid brownies (Cannibalized)
55 Eating a delayed blast fireball
56 Eat a piece of a troll and have it grow and burst through your chest
57 Eating alchemist's fire
58 Order a boyson berry pie; recieve a poison berry pie
59 Electrocution
60 Elf touch
61 Encounter with a gazebo
62 Swallowing a sustaining spoon
63 Erased by spastic player
64 Execution
65 Exsanguination (bleeding to death)
66 Fall down a multi-story building in a pail of slob and get slowly devoured by pigs
67 Falling
68 Falling into an iced over lake
69 Captured by evil dragon, which proceeds to do unspeakable things to you, may also result in this
70 Fight that Epic level death knight at level one
71 Fire
72 Flash Flood
73 Flesh to Stone, followed by destroying the statue
74 Forget that you can't fly at level one
75 Get a Battle Axe to the face
76 Get in the Way of a Lich's Disintegration spell
77 Get in the way of the tarrasque
78 Get Lazy, sleep for all eternity
79 Get sad and stop playing
80 Get Tiamat really, really mad
81 Getting so drunk you die from alcohol poisoning
82 Have a Dragon drop a ten ton boulder on you
83 Have Drizzt Do'urden's name while being evil
84 Having a party on a Lich's tomb without inviting it
85 Heart Attack
86 Heart eaten
87 Hit with a large stick
88 Holding up a Demon Warding amulet in front of a demon lord's face forgetting you're a half-demon
89 Hugging a gelatinous cube
90 Hurricane
91 Hypothermia
92 Hyperthermia
93 Illusion Magic (Phantasmal Killer, Weird)
94 Impaled on a stake
95 Insert two bags of holding halfway inside each other, reaching inside both, and pulling them into each other.
96 INT point going so low that PC forgets how to breath
97 Jump into the Orb of annihilation.
98 Killed by a monster
99 Kissing a Poison Toad
100 Lack of air from high altitude
101 Landslide
102 Lava
103 Light a target on fire (via spell, torch, ect.) Then polymorph them into a cloud of hydrogen, and run
106 Make fun of an orc
109 Massive Damage
110 Mind explodes...body goes with it
111 Mooning a Bladeling
112 Multiclassing as a henchman
113 Natural one on a balance check over a pit of ghouls.
114 Old Age
115 Green slime bath bomb.
116 Out of ammo with zombies all around.
117 Party members forget they have healing items when you're at -9 HP and fail their stabilization checks.
118 Perfect Jump check followed by natural 1 balance check
119 Piss in a god's favorite shoe.
120 Piss off a dozen pit fiends.
121 Plane shift to positive/negative energy plane
122 Playing a Warforged and walking into a room full of Rust Monsters
123 Poison
124 Poking the royal guard
125 Poorly worded wish spell
126 Pregnancy complications for females
127 Put your head into a t-rex's mouth.
128 Quicksand
129 Rabies.
130 Rended by a girallon; ripped in half
131 Total protonic reversal.
132 Rocks fall, everyone dies.
133 Shot a whole repeating crossbow clip into the party rogue.
134 Sitting in a butcher shop during a Tarrasque rampage
135 Skinny dipping in demon ichor.
136 Slide 100 feet on sludge going down a down hill slope and hitting a wall for 25d6 points of damage (true story)
137 Sneak attacking your parties CE Warlock
138 Soul eaten
139 Spell backfiring
140 Spontaneous Combustion
141 Squashed by The Morbidly Obese Abomination
142 Standing between a dwarf and the last bottle of whiskey
143 Standing on the top of a mountain in the middle of a thunderstorm wearing copper armor screaming "ALL GODS ARE SISSIES!"
144 Standing on wrong side of universal-still-point immovable rod
145 Getting charmed by a Dancer (Ringmaster) and being told to do un-nameable things. In front of your party members. Then being pounded on by said party members who failed their jelousy saving throws. (Style points if you say "Worth iiiit!" as they pound on you.)
146 Sticking your head in a reactor.
147 Level 6 Exhaustion
148 Go to The Abyss and get pushed off the layer you're on when you can't fly
149 Anger 100 monsters your group summoned
150 Burnt by a giant fireball
151 Fight all 500 of those Kobolds in the tribe at once.
153 Teleported forward in time, then killed
154 Tell a Dwarf his mother's beard is longer than his.
155 The Fourth Wall is destroyed
156 Throwing a complete Necklace of Fire Ball Type VII at your feet to kill a baddie. The Baddie dosesn't die :(
157 Tell Tiamat Bahamut is better than her
158 Tell Bahamut Tiamat is better than him
159 Being a war-forged and getting attacked by a rust monster
160 Traveling to the astral plane and having your tether severed by an irritated panther
161 Tripping into the kings royal spear collection
162 Trying to tame a Tarrasque
163 Getting smacked over the head with a steel ukelele
164 Unlucky party member firing a ballista... Into your combat...
165 Using your new at-will-feather-fall by jumping to "scout" the dark-pit-into-the-dungeon-that-will-take-others-5-round-to-scale-down (alone in the dark with MANY monsters)
166 Walking into an assassin's guild with targets painted all over your body
167 The god of incredibly buff penguins, Pablo, smites you.
168 You jump off a very tall building, and are hit by a meteor when you land.
169 Your wizard casts a fireball spell in a room full of Oil, Gunpowder, and Alchemist's Fire
170 Your enemy casts dispel magic on you while in an underwater dungeon. (using breath water)
171 Steam-powered woodchipper.
172 170 rabid ducks
173 In your sleep Mexican Demons make you overdose on diet pills
174 Team-mates throw you across the room into a trap
175 Roll the dice and knock over your own figure
177 Use a variant rule without the dm's permission
179 Team-mate stabs you in the foot to stop you from ruining diplomacy while you are on low HP
180 Looking at Primus
181 Finding out Vaarsuvius' gender
182 Eating one of your companions, then their ghost rises to slay you.
183 Leaving insanity on the Epic level Monk With the powerful magical Katana (Nearly offed the sorcerer when this happened)
184 Having said Monk test out a very Suspicious magical ring
185 Sorcerer getting mind controlled into casting Finger of Death on said Monk.... and he gets a natural 1
186 Being Chargon, our groups Half-dragon knight (No joke, on record he has died over 9 times)
187 Telling a Monk he is out of shape
188 Just being in our group of epic characters when they're Bickering over somthing
189 Being at the wrong end of the Kill count (the monk and the knight Kill as many enemies as possible, and at the end of the dungeon they tally up to see which has killed more)
190 Ticking off the wizard who knows how to cast 4 Magic Missiles at once, when you're on 2hp.
191 Lupus
192 Used as a sacrifice
193 Doing a lot of hard work getting an Airship to fly, then tripping off of it and falling to your death
194 Telling Red Dragons they're not allowed to do something
196 Using your body to slay an Ice Demon by teleporting 800 ft. above it and falling on it while carrying a 150 lbs. artifact. (The artifact was all that was left)
198 Drawing from the Deck of Many Things and getting a dread wraith to hunt you down
199 Getting your blood replaced with a magic potion.
200 Interrupt anything between a ranger and his girlfriend.
201 Jumping of a cliff into water, then realizing you are wearing a ring of water walking.
202 Forget the half-elf girl is a werebear.
203 Grope the female paladin who has something to prove.
204 Aggro all the monsters in a dungeon while scouting ahead.
205 Not believing the sign that says "Instant Death This Way".
206 Roll a natural one on a Ride check with a Chocobo. Use your imagination.
207 Flesh to stone, stone to mud, rainstorm.
208 Eaten by a big monster after losing your weapon in the fight.
209 Your monk is the only melee character in the party.
210 Staring contest with basilisk.
211 Burned at the stake.
212 Burned as a steak.
217 Getting blasted by a cero at all with out spiritual pressure.
218 Be family of a balor on his deathbed.
219 Say a pickup line to a disguised succubus.
220 Question Raziel's authority. (not Asmodeus', as he would make you live...)
221 Raging Barbarian tries to give you a health potion.
222 Fall for an undead nymph.
223 Put on a mask that has acid on the inside.
224 swim in a river and get swarmed by leeches
225 Light the barrels full of provisions on fire with a torch, when they are actually filled with gunpowder.
226 sentenced to death for your crimes
227 Be a non-epic half-dragon when the Dragonmoot is called.
228 Sliding down a 200 ft. cheese grater.
229 Sacrificed in epic spell
230 Mauled by cougar
231 Arm wrestle a silverback
232 Being caught making an omelette...with a dragon egg
233 sacrificed to dragon
234 walking in on a secret druidic ritual, depending on the druids
235 typhoon
236 calling a powerful devil a demon, or vice versa
237 tripping over your astral tether
238 losing your astral tether
239 mudslide
240 rockslide
241 killed by your own summoned creature
242 drowned
243 thrown from clifftop
244 Explosive Runes
245 fall and break your neck
246 Be Coup de grace-d by a familiar
247 Caught urinating on a shrine (by Gods or Clerics).
248 Cross your party then find out all your adventuring buddies have been evil doppelgangers for the past week.
249 Receive dinner invitation. Turns out you're the dinner.
250 killed by dominated party member
251 Travel to the Gods meeting plane to entreaty them for help and then discover an amusing consequence of scale and planer travel in that all the Gods are 100x your size. Then be crushed by a Lawful Good God placing his wine glass down upon you.
252 mistaking a dragonborn for a draconian
253 being a gnome in kobold territory
254 being a kobold in gnome territory
255 brain consumed by illithid
256 Spend a night with Malcanthet (Almost worth it)
257 Killed by vengeful ghosts
258 sink into a tar pit (on the bright side, your bones will be preserved forever)
259 Crystallized
260 Enemy sticks an immovable rod into a body cavity, pushes you off a cliff, then uses the command word to activate it. NOT a good way to die.
261 Flesh to Ice. The temperature is above freezing.
262 Kill a dragon in flight, only to be crushed by its corpse when it hits the ground
263 Turned into a tree; later cut down and used for furniture construction
264 Incarcerated until your death
265 Critically fail your Spellcraft check while casting an epic-level spell
266 Successfully disbelieve an illusory pit that isn't actually an illusion
267 slain by your own spell, after it gets turned
268 taken by roc, fed to nestlings
269 Mauled by a Deinonychus pack
283 Tossed off a cliff and getting eaten upon impact by tiny slimes.
284 Duel a vorpal longsword wielding Blackguard.
285 Get Spartan-kicked by a wizard copy of yourself into a prismatic sphere.
286 Hill giant rolls a natural 20 with power attack as you flee from it.
287 Riddle Golem sends you to a plane filled with liches because you failed to answer it's riddle.
288 Drow Priestess casts hold person on you, right when you're within striking distance of six elite drow warriors.
289 Get cornered by a vampire lord that's twelve feet tall, pounded the Paladin in your group to near death in two rounds, and you have 34 HP left.
290 Open a door to an evil wizard's tower. Get meteor swarmed in the face by said evil wizard.
291 Challenge an epic Necromancer to a mage duel without death ward.
292 Thrown off a Necromancer's tower by a red half dragon while in your undergarments. Half dragon then kidnaps your girlfriend so he can sacrifice her.
293 Critical disintegration from epic beholder. Group puts your ashes in a jar until they feel like bringing you back.
294 Sprint across a slippery pipe as you chase after a tiefling that took your dragon orb. You slip and fall into a pit of acid. Rogue companion trys to fish you out with his spear before you die. Get accidentally critically stabbed in the neck by the rogue.
295 Fail a balance check while running across a tightrope, and plummet into a battle between 10,000 chaotic evil blackguards in a 20x20 ft. room, all of them wearing spiked fullplate armor and wielding vorpal swords.
296 Tell an ancient Terrorwing dragon that you are not afraid of it.
297 Stabbed in the foot by a vorpal sword when the enemy rolls a crit.
298 Strangled to death by a ladder.
299 Falling in your own Handy Haversack and suffocating.
300 Get teleported to the Far Realm by an evil beholder, where you are chased down and eaten by a pack of intelligent, chaotic evil, pac-man like aberrations who like the way that your elven wizard tastes.
301 Stabbed with a swordfish.
302 Eat a wand of fireball that has been glued to a rod of infinite expansion.
303 Have the spells perpetual motion and hold person cast on you at the same time. (If you have an evil DM, you will be torn in half as part of your body cannot stop moving, and part of it has to stop moving).
304 Be bitten by a werewolf with silver teeth.
305 20th level rogue sneak attacks you with a rusty spoon, and rolls a natural 20.
306 Stampede of sleipnir
309 Rogue opens door to walk-in freezer and peeks inside; ogre chef uses prepared action to smash skull in with tree trunk rolling pin.
310 Party gets attacked by horde of zombies in foggy graveyard when you don't show up to a session, and your character gets dominated by a vampire spawn and blood drained 30 feet away. At the end of the session the other party members ask each other where your character is.
311 Have a hobgoblin roll three 20s against you with his shortspear on your first ever round of combat playing the game. Welcome to D&D. Your first character is never any good, anyway.
313 Be at 6 health and mouth off to a pixie, making him slap you for 24 points of damage.
314 Your paladin kills a dragon that to bargain for his life was about to tell you where the strongest sword ever was, after saying "there is no bargain with evil".
315 Getting a crit on a monster with a magical sword that damages you for twice as much
316 Channeling your highest level spell slot into an explosion to save your party from an angry swarm of giant sentient ants
317 Having a Great Wyrm Blue Dragon's tail smear you along the floor of a cave while your party's Samurai prepares his first attack
318 Deciding its a good idea to fire an arrow at a Balor while the rest of your party runs away
319 Be a cleric when your party's warrior needs to prove his cruelty to a Nightmare
320 Having a speed of 20ft in any situation that requires retreat
321 badger the DM, asking to mount your wolf repeatedly while already on your wolf
322 Wild magic
323 You are fighting an exact copy of yourself that makes the exact same movements your character does, including the rolls. You stab your copy with a vorpal sword in the chest, and roll critical
324 Paralyzed by eating the wrong sort of berry and then have party members that think that submerging you in a body of water might snap you out of it... yup
325 Making sure you fail one of your CON saves while fighting lycanthropes, so you can become an awesome werebear, but in the midst of your first ever transformation the ENTIRE FREAKIN' MOON GOES 'BLOOEY and all the lycanthropes die. Oh bother
326 Getting randomly eaten by a fish.
327 Surviving the fish but drowning after getting out of it.
328 Throwing a scimitar to the feet of a bow wielding explorer, who had her bow ready to attack any strangers.
329 Insulting the healer when low on hitpoints.
330 falling 60 feet straight down onto a blood giants spear
331 To be continued
332 True Polymorph into a male drow and try to become a cleric
333 Challenge a shark to a swimming contest and make deep incisions in your flesh
334 Strap a thousand kegs of gunpowder to your waist, coat yourself in gasoline, cast wall of fire in the area directly surrounding you, and cast fireball centered on yourself
335 Cast magic missile as a 9th-level spell on the tarrasque
336 Be level one, go to a forest known for its giant elk in the middle of mating season, and cover yourself with goat piss
337 After studying for hours, casting wish for the last time in your life, and gaining 5 levels of exhaustion, figure out the gender of Corellon Larethian
338 Trying to roll Persuasion to not have the king execute you after you killed his wife, and then rolling a natural 1.
339 Rules Lawyering so much your DM gets pissed off, so they throw Chthulu in power armor at you
340 Going into the Curse of Strahd campaign and deciding to fight Strahd in your first session
341 Getting Power Word Kill-ed by a lich because you interrupted their monologue
342 Touching LITERALLY ANYTHING in a dungeon, then it turns into a Mimic and eats your arm
343 Annoying a Way of the Open Hand monk when you don't have proficiency in Constitution saving throws
344 Casting Enlarge/Reduce on your stomach so you can eat more
345 Touching that snake which the DM said was "totally normal"

Challenging the Ruler of Warriors to a fight


Going for a "peaceful" swim in Loch Ness and meeting this


Annoying the DM by doing something that they SPECIFICALLY said that you shouldn't do, despite attempts at bargaining.

349 Getting your skeleton dropkicked out of your body.

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