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Outer Space[edit]

A multitude of stars and planets are set out before you. The sight of the entire world is down below you. As you watch, dozens of comets rush far way, heading off towards some unknown nebula. This is indeed the pinnacle of beauty. Now, if only you had air to breathe and it wasn't so cold...

Environmental Traits[edit]

Outer Space is beyond the borders of our world; it is an endless abyss abounding with beauty entwined with danger. It is the most glorious sight any have seen in their last moments.

Physical Traits[edit]

  • Gravity: No gravity, normal gravity/heavy gravity/low gravity/; Outer Space is beyond the gravitational pull of many planets, but when a creature is within 200 feet of another planet, the planet's gravity returns.
  • Size: Infinite Size; Unlike Oerth, our prime material plane, Outer Space simply starts at one point and continues on forever.

Plane Inhabitants[edit]

Despite its bitterly cold nature, Space is inhabited. In the far reaches of the Universe, many an alien star craft glides swiftly through the void, their purposes as varied as the creatures that pilot them. With any sort of luck, characters who find themselves in space may in fact be rescued or kidnapped by these extra-terrestrial beings.

Movement and Combat[edit]

Controlled movement through space is nearly impossible without magical assistance; a character or object in motion through space continues at its rate of speed and direction until it collides with another object or creature or is acted upon by an outside force. All solids in Outer Space are treated as having a Fly Speed of their current speed of movement (so, say a barbarian with a land speed of forty and the run feat moves at top speed (that is, 200 feet). Until acted upon by an outside force) with average maneuverability.

Features of Outer Space[edit]

Space has no oxygen; all creatures who need to breathe must make saves every round against the normal rules of Suffocation. At the same time, creatures without protection must make reflex saves or take 2d6 points of lethal cold damage from the lack of all ambient heat.

During re-entry into any atmosphere, unprotected characters take 1d10 points of fire damage per round. It takes an hour to finally reach the ground, after which the unprotected characters die instantly if they had no protection from the sheer height of falling (no save). Protected characters may slow their descent by making a DC 12 reflex save.

Environmental Encounters[edit]

Besides the dangers of Outer Space itself, characters may face a variety of other encounters. A school of Comets may fly into the characters, dealing 5d6 points of bludgeoning damage, 2d6 points of cold damage, and 1d6 typeless damage unless they succeed on a DC 15 reflex save. Or, a cosmic storm may envelop the characters, dealing 1d8 points of typeless damage per round before blowing over. A character may be thrust to an alternate plane of existence or just a different area by a Black Hole, taking 4d8 points of bludgeoning damage along the way unless they succeed on a DC 20 reflex save. A PC might find refuge from the life-threatening aspects of space on an oxygenated moon or small planet or a space station, inhabited by alien beings. Finally, the characters may be discovered by a passing starship, the intentions of the dwellers inside unknown.


Random Encounters
d% roll Encounter
01-10 Comet Swarm
11-20 Black Hole opens to Plane of DM's Choice
21-30 Cosmic Storm
31-40 Friendly Starship (good-aligned Extraterrestrials)
41-50 Hostile Starship (evil-aligned Extraterrestrials)
51-60 Pitched battle between two Starships (One Hostile towards PC's, the other Friendly)
61-70 Black Hole opens to another planet of DM's design
71-80 PC's drift onto a Dwarf Planet or Moon inhabited by Hostile Extraterrestrials.
81-90 PC's drift onto a Dwarf Planet or Moon inhabited by Friendly Extraterrestrials.
91-100 PC's are swept to open space by Black Hole, roll again.

Planetoid Environment
d% roll Encounter
01-10 Cold Desert
11-20 Warm Mountain
21-30 Warm Forest
31-40 Temperate Aquatic
41-50 Space Station, Metropolis
51-60 Cold Forest
61-70 Warm Plains
71-80 Cold Aquatic
81-90 Underground (Barren Surface)
91-100 Cold Plains

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