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A serpent devouring its own tail; by Bievallhir, deviantart.

Domains: Change, Fate
Warpriest Domain: Oghma

Carved into the ruined statue of Dantalion were the words 'Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair.'

Between Selune and her sister Shar, neither remember their brother Ouroboros. His very existence was the integration of their two opposites.

Although no longer referred to, in ancient times he was known as Anon to most mortals, the deity of time and space. It is said that he was born at the end of times, and would die at creation. He also became the patron of humans when he looked down from the heavens and saw how, though of very short in life, they were determined to explore the world and build monuments that may stand against the sands of time. The plucky adventurous nature of these creatures was something Anon prized. Seeing that they had no guidance from above, he adopted their portfolio.

Anon is a dead deity. Historically, he took a neutral stance to time travel, neither encouraging nor preventing it. This infuriated the machinations of many gods, who had plans thwarted or sought to hide secrets in the past. A human by the name of Zarus, supported by several gods, overthrew Anon and split his portfolio amongst himself and his allies. Zarus also absorbed some of Anon's essence, taking on divinity and the portfolio of humans. His first act was to wipe Anon from history. It was then 20,000 years ago when destroyed, Anon ironically became a vestige, a being beyond Time and Space.

What many deities, including Zarus, never knew is that Shar was very unbecoming when she helped to do her brother in. Instead of destroying him completely, she bound his soul to a crystal shard before casting his essence beyond the multiverse. Perhaps she thought it a crueler fate, perhaps she wised to protect him, or maybe he knew what was destined and turned to her for help.

Ouroboros is the patron of humans, historians, and prophets. Worshipers say short prayers before starting a long journey or task, asking the god to bestow patience upon them. The Lord of Time has only one demand of his followers: that they not waste time, for it is precious.

  • All things have a beginning and an end, yet everything is eternal.
  • The multiverse is infinite. If you want to see it all you better get started.
  • The only constant is change.


Find the seal of the vestige Anon and learn of the past, or perhaps the future.


The planting and observing of a Kadupul Flower, which blooms at midnight and dies at dawn.

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