Otsutsuki (3.5e Race)

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Size: Medium, Large




Physical Description[edit]

Pale skin white eyes red or white hair occasionally developed horns


Associate with all races but look down on them


Any chaotic


Otsutsuki worship the strongest of there race


Common and Otsutsuki

Racial Traits[edit]

Dex + 4 Wisdom + 6 Cha - 3 Otsutsuki do not need to eat sleep drink or breath to survive Otsutsuki may spend there move action to fly equal to there BLS and walk on walls as if under the effects of spider climb otsutsuki are always under the effects of Endure Elements Otsutsuki gain +2 natural armor

Vital Statistics[edit]

Otsutsuki live to be many thousand years old (4000) And when they die may transfer there life essence into a willing body and be reincarnated

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