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You are someone who came to a world of swords and magic from some foreign universe. Were you summoned to defeat the demon king or help him on his quest? Perhaps you died by accident, and were reincarnated here as an apology gift from a god? Maybe an untrained mage accidentally summoned you during a botched spell. Perhaps you were even gifted a special power or item to help you on your journey? Either way, you're here, now. How do you get home? Do you even want to go home?

Skill Proficiencies: Choose two from medicine, stealth, perception, deception, performance, athletics or investigation.

Tool Proficiencies: Any one which fits your character's backstory (for instance: disguiser's kit for a makeup artist, painter's supplies for an artist, cook's utensils for a chef or someone who enjoys cooking, etc.).

Languages: You speak 'Other World Language' (Can be replaced with a real language as needed). Through some magical means, upon being dropped into this world you may also know Common, or you may only know your language(s) from your home world. Discuss this with your DM.

Equipment: A set of Otherworld's Clothes, a backpack (or purse), some money from your home world, Cell Phone (No charger, no service, and only 20% battery left), and if your DM will allow it ONE(1) Cheat Item OR Ability Score Increase (Discuss this item with your DM. If you choose Ability Score Increase, select one of your ability scores and increase it by one).

Summoned Hero?[edit]

There are many reasons that an otherworlder might be brought to this world, and each one spells a different fate for the person in question.

d6 Origin
1 Summoned by a Deity for a mysterious purpose.
2 Summoned by a country to serve as an invincible fighting force at their beck and call.
3 Summoned by the forces of evil to fulfil their nefarious plans.
4 Fell through a rift between universes.
5 Souls got mixed up while reincarnating.
6 Summoned by a spell gone awry.

Feature: Technologically Advanced[edit]

Assuming you come from modern-day Earth, you know something of more advanced technology. You know at least something of how many modern-day objects (toilets, guns, showers, etc.) work and, upon succeeding on an intelligence check (varying on complexity of an object) can explain to a scientist/mage/average Joe how this object works. This feature can be used to earn yourself money, selling these ideas to inventors and tinkerers. If your character has higher education (university/college/trade school), they will likely know more. Scientists, engineers, plumbers, welders, construction workers and the like will likely find these things very easy.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d8 Personality Trait
1 Everything here is terrifying. Oh my god was that a rat?
2 These people are living in a period of inconvenience and filth. It is my duty to help them overcome this.
3 I was brought here for a reason. Once I finish my quest, I'll be sent home.
4 I want to live a normal life, no matter where I am... or what kind of sacred sword I accidentally picked up this time.
5 This is all just a dream. It has to be a dream.
6 So... the buffoons decided to drag someone out of their life into this world without even asking them? Let's see how that turns out for them...
7 I can make the most of this world; everyone else is unnecessary.
8 I just want to go home.
d6 Ideal
1 I want to experience everything this world has to offer.
2 I want to advance the technology of this world.
3 I came here on a mission that I must fulfill.
4 I will become a ruler of this world, holding everything in my iron-clad fist.
5 I want to understand why I'm here.
6 I want to be a hero of justice, and protector of the weak.
d6 Bond
1 No matter where I am, my first thought will always be the common people like myself.
2 The first people I found upon arriving here saved me. I owe them everything.
3 My friends were brought here with me, and my only remaining ray of hope.
4 The nobility in this world are surprisingly nice... Did I just get asked to marry someone?
5 My childhood sweetheart is waiting for me back home... I must get back to them at all costs!
6 I hate all of you, you uncultured swine.
d6 Flaw
1 I am extremely wary and suspicious of everyone. I don't know who I can trust.
2 I act without regard for how others feel.
3 I can easily get distracted and caught up in things that probably aren't worth the time.
4 I will help anyone, no matter what.
5 I fail to recognize the truth of this world, too caught up in my own delusions and prejudices.
6 I trust people too easily, believing everyone will want to help me.

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