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Oseram Weaponsmith[edit]

Artificer Subclass

"A job like that isn't done with strategy. They needed to shake the walls!"
Petra, inventor of the Oseram Cannon.

The inventors and tinkerers of the Oseram are trusted to design weapons and modifications for the Vanguard in Meridian, as well as for merchants to sell to hunters around the world. Creating weapons is in no way an exact science for the Oseram, as it often involves much alcohol and many explosions.

Tools of the Trade

When you adopt this specialization at 3rd level, you gain proficiency with heavy armor. You also gain proficiency with tinker's tools. If you already have proficiency with tinker's tools, you may gain proficiency with any other artisan's tools of your choice.

Oseram Weaponsmith Spells

Starting at 3rd level, you always have certain spells prepared after you reach particular levels in this class, as shown in the Oseram Weaponsmith Spells table. These spells count as artificer spells for you, but they don’t count against the number of artificer spells you prepare.

Artificer Level Spells
3rd alarm, witch bolt
5th heat metal, magic weapon
9th flame arrows, haywire
13th gravity sinkhole, locate creature
17th immolation, greater restoration

Coil Crafting

Beginning at 3rd level, during a long rest you may use 15 gold pieces worth of materials to create one coil for one weapon to give the wielder a +2 to hit, an extra 1d4 damage of any type (except for psychic, radiant, and necrotic), make their weapon finesse (melee only), or increase their weapon's range by 50% (ranged only). Only one coil can be active at a time on a weapon. You may have a total number of coils active at a time equal to your proficiency bonus. If you create more coils than you can have active at a time, the oldest one loses its effects. Coils can only be taken out of a weapon without damaging both by a creature who has proficiency with tinker's tools. A weapon can benefit from coils and infusions at the same time.

At level 9 you gain the ability to have two coils active on one weapon at a time, and at level 13 you can have three at a time. The coils' abilities do not stack (the wielder can have multiple extra d4s of different damage types, but can only have a maximum of +2 to hit and +50% range).

Extra Attack

Starting at 5th level, you can attack twice, rather than once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn.

Spirited Crafting

At 9th level, you learn to incorporate the strength and ingenuity of the Oseram into your coils. Creatures wielding a weapon with at least one of your coils on it add your proficiency bonus to all Strength and Intelligence saving throws.

Oseram Cannon

When you reach 15th level, you know the inner workings of machines enough to where you can make your own rough copy of their weapons, just with more explosions. You may spend 8 hours and 100 gold pieces to create a cannon and a basketful of ammunition (30 shots). This cannon weighs 50 lb. and is just small enough to be carried awkwardly. It has a range of 80/240 feet and a burst of 5 feet. To fire it, you must use your action and 5 feet of movement per piece of ammunition used, to a maximum of 6 shots. The Oseram Cannon deals 1d10 damage per piece of ammunition fired of a type determined when it is created (any are allowed except for psychic, radiant, and necrotic). You do not add your Dexterity modifier to its damage, and anyone proficient with a heavy crossbow is considered proficient with the Oseram Cannon. The Oseram Cannon cannot be modified with coils, but can be modified with infusions.

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