Oscillatory Strike (3.5e Martial Artist Maneuver)

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A palm thrust creates extreme oscillations in that which it hits, with multiple benefits.

Oscillatory Strike

A strike that makes even magic itself tremble.

Level: Tempered 4
Type: Action (Attack)
Prerequisite: Int 15, 5 Tempered Flow maneuvers.
Description: You make a single unarmed strike that instills extreme oscillations within whatever it hits. This has several different effects, dependant on the type of object struck. Against a living creature susceptible to critical hits, it deals 1d8 damage per initiator level (or 5d8 on a successful Fortitude save). Against objects and constructs it deals 1d6/level sonic damage, provided said object or construct would be susceptible to the damaging effect of a shatter spell (Fortitude half). Finally, the oscillatory strike can be used against certain magical Force barrier effects such as wall of force. If you succeed in an initiator level check against a DC of 20 + the level of such a Force spell, the oscillations brought on by your strike can momentarily disrupt the barrier, allowing you to move through with a 5 foot step. If this initiator level check fails by less than 5, you can still step through, but are dealt 10d6 force damage in the process.

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