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The Oryxians are a subterranean race of gaunt, insect-like creatures. They lurk in the deepest, darkest zones of the world shrouded in strict isolationism and secrecy.



The Oryxians are a very quiet, succinct people. Most are, despite their outwardly menacing appearance, very friendly and compassionate creatures. They care deeply for one another and a strong sense of camaraderie and loyalty permeates their society. While perhaps meaning no true ill will, Oryxians tend to be seen as curt, secretive, and even caustic by foreigners due to their skepticism regarding outsiders. Pragmatism, curiosity, and a deep value to loyalty and honor are all common traits among Oryxian society; they are also a very reverent species and pay deep respect to their traditions, history, elders or leadership, and deities.

Physical Description[edit]

The Oryxians are not a fairly diverse race when it comes to physical attributes. They share a milky, bone-white skin coloration and a gaunt, almost skeletal, humanoid frame. Their head is skull-like and their nostrils are thin, vertical slits on their face. Their thin lips barely cover sharp, menacing teeth. On the head of each Oryxian lies three beady, glimmering eyes seemingly devoid of pupils. Eye color among this race tends to be very vivid and highly varied; While their frames are humanoid they also exhibit insectile traits such as a smooth, hard, outer covering of chitin that opens at the joints. On each hand and foot there are three bony talons. It is common for Oryxians to mark themselves with runes specific to one of their gods to show either deference or relation to a profession. These runes vary widely in design and coloration. When it comes to height and weight the Orxyians level out at around 5'10, 210lbs.


The Oryxians are practitioners of stringent isolationism. They keep to their abysmal cities most, if not all of, their lives and see little reason to explore any part of the world above. Little to no contact has been made with these creatures of the dark by surface-dwelling races. The Dwarves were the first race the Oryxians encountered. The unremitting hostility they faced from the Dwarves, coupled with the numerous bloody wars that followed, have made the Oryxians very skeptical and mistrusting of foreigners. When contact is made with one they tend to be leery, if not downright vitriolic. Among their society it is considered a supreme transgression to purposefully interact with members of a foreign species unless permission is granted by a recognized authority or one's profession demands it. Oryxian merchants that travel away from home, rare as they are, tend to be the friendliest among their species. Among their society is an order of those who break the proclivity of isolationism: The Scholarius. They are an academic organization dedicated to surveying the world above in secrecy and groups belonging to the school actively make ventures. They are responsible for the Oryxians' knowledge of the world.


Oryxians can be of any alignment despite their affinity for and relationship with the dark.


Oryxians are strictly subterranean creatures; they make their homes in the deepest, darkest places of the world where the light does not shine. Entrances to Oryxian cities tend to be found near the base of a mountain's internal workings, with only a few shafts linking to the surface. Cities have a propensity to spread out many miles in all directions with numerous tunnels and grand caverns. The structure of Oryxian tunnels and caverns could be likened to a hive of termites: the tunnels link the caverns together and the caverns house the stone metropolises of the race.


The Oryxians are a deeply philosophical and religious people who value both wisdom and pragmatism. It is rare to find one that is not religious. That being said, they are not shortsighted or narrow-minded when approaching science. Scientists are embraced among their kind. It is known that they worship a pantheon of gods, one standing paramount among them as the creator of their race.

A few examples of the Oryxian Pantheon include:

  • Ryxuss, the Creator
  • Phaxn, the Keeper (of the Dead)
  • Jenir, the Magistrate
  • Yaldos, the Healer
  • Kavkun, the Bringer (of Crops)
  • Okrun, the Strong
  • Daknos, the Philanthrope
  • Vidarr, the Explorer
  • Numus, the Savant
  • Tetarr, the Builder
  • Ymir, the Arcane
  • Voesis, the Destroyer
  • Xevmir, the Arbiter (of Destiny)


Primarily Oryxian. When written their language looks like a series of runes done in quick, smooth slashes. Spoken it is a flux of both sibilant and guttural sounds produced from the back of the throat. Due to their interactions with the Dwarves it is common for an Oryxian to speak Dwarvish as well. Courtesy of the Scholarius's actions it is not too uncommon for an Oryxian to be fairly versed in Common tongue also.


Oryxian names tend to be short and concise, rarely more than two syllables. A's, l's, S's, V's, T's, and K's are all commonly used in Oryxian names. Some examples include Valta, Pravus, Zail, Itzal, Ilun, and Nazka.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • Dark Vision: Oryxians can see perfectly in low-light and darkness due to their near-constant subterranean life. (60ft)
  • Vulnerability to the Light: The perception of an Oryxian can be impaired by bright light. When taking a spot-check or other perception test in the sunlight take a -1 to the roll.
  • Dark Affinity: Being creatures of the darkness, Oryxians are especially vulnerable to holy magic but resistant to dark magic. -2 roll against holy magic or positive energy. +2 roll against negative energy and dark magic.
  • Disposition to Warmth: Oryxians, due to their deep subterranean lifestyle, are used to warm, humid climates and are susceptible to the cold. +2 against heat/fire and -2 against cold/frost.
  • Humanoid (Insectoid)
  • Size: Medium
  • Oryxian base land speed is 30 feet.
  • Pragmatic: +2 to Wisdom.
  • Keen of Mind: +2 to Intelligence.
  • Poor Relations: -2 to Charisma when dealing with non-Oryxians.
  • Dwarvish Hate: -4 to Charisma when dealing with Dwarves.
  • Dense Chitin: +3 to armor (Counts as natural armor) and +2 to armor saves.
  • Automatic Languages: Oryxian, Dwarvish, Common.
  • Favored Class: None
  • Level Adjustment: None.

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