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Paladin Order[edit]

Once known as the Great Order of Light and originally composed of all normal races, this order of hyper-religious pure-blooded magical Humans makes up Olyptia's Judicial system. They are the Judge, Jury, and Executioner. The Order once only accepted pure-blooded Humans but after the events in the Age of Redemption, they allow anyone with an inherent preference for good to join their ranks. There are several different sects to the Order.

Sages: The Sages are the historians and oracles of the Order. They are in charge of the well-being of all Olyptia as well as the Lorekeeper itself. This sect is comprised mostly of Wizards and Sorcerers.

Paladin Knights: The Paladin Knights make up the infantry and cavalry of the Order's vast army and besides each town's militia it is the only formal army in Olyptia. This sect is comprise mostly of battle focused Clerics, Paladins, and Fighters. A few Rangers, Barbarians, and Druids have been known to join their ranks though.

Preservers: The Preservers are in charge of the nature of Olyptia. This sect travels all over the realm and use their magics to help nature. This sect is comprise of Rangers and Druids.

Magicae: The Magicae are the spellcasters of the Order and aid the Paladin Knights in their battles. Comprised of Warlocks, Wizards, Necromancers, and Sorcerors.

Justiciar: This sect is in charge of all Judiciary action in Olyptia and is comprise of only diplomatic Clerics and Paladins.

Hospice: This sect is in charge of all healing areas in Olyptia. This sect is comprised of healing based Clerics, Paladins, and Druids.

Clergy: This sect is in charge of all temples throughout Olytpia. This sect is comprised of Clerics and Paladins for all deities and Necromancers for Muertix.

Dougan's Hammer[edit]

This Dwarven Order exists underground in many of the Dwarven civilizations. They are in charge of all Dwarven life and also shares it's name with their army. The few Dwarves on the surface are agents of this Organization and are working desperately with the Order to integrate the dwarves back into modern society.

Druidic Order[edit]

Both major forests in Olyptia have a Druidic Order and the minor forests have extensions of this order present within them. They govern all forest life, including the animals, and are in charge of preserving that life. This order is comprised mostly of Elves and Half-Elves who are now accepted openly back into society. They are working with the Paladin Order to re-establish the Druidic Order of Kirsteng Forest which was destroyed at the beginning of the Age of Redemption.

Hollow Cult[edit]

The order of Necromancers that rejected the Paladin Order's proposition for peace. They moved to the Dragon's Mouth and enveloped in it the savage races. They are currently the only organization that directly opposes the Paladin Order and are working relentlessly to retrieve the Arch-Lych's Manuscript to permanently destroy the Paladin Order. Comprised only of chaotic evil savage races and Necromancers

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