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The August Pinnacle[edit]

A group that seeks to destroy the Chosen, and manipulate the Draconic Prophecies for their own means. They are are chromatic dragons, and secretly worship the lost goddess Tiamat, some believe that the chosen lead the way to her resurrection. <>

Below is the first mention of them in the game.

Garreck begins his tale of wonderment starting in Sharn a few months ago.

"The Draconic Prophecies that our emmisaries have stolen have been translated to the best of our abilities and we have discovered many potential world ending events and others that will bring the nations at war once again." High Mage Arckamedies sat, his head resting on his right knuckles.

"If what we have discovered is true then the members of the attack in Passage are being targeted by the Sovereign Host and the Six. Talking with the investigators several of them claimed that they had visions, we pushed them for the information and two incidents fit the prophecies perfectly." Apprentice Alzion spoke from a podium near the archives.

"Elements surge forth and battle deep within the world, those of Flame, Earth, and Lightning strike at one another in harmony. They seem at peace but are drawn towards conflict, in the mass of it all lays a sleeping woman, with a quiet smile on her lips."

"The ground cracks and fire and smoke billows from the cracks. A dead man cackles and summons forth the flames of hell. The city is slain as the victim flees by rail. The man cackles and laughs even harder. Dwarves fall before the assembled might of the Abyss. Their foothold secured."

Malathan the Wizened stroked his beard. "If the tales of what has befell Krona Peak are true then one of the prophecies has already come to pass." Malathan looked at his assembled council, the greatest mages and a cleric from the realm. "When I fled from my country I brought with me a section of the prophecies, ones that I had been researching. When I discovered the intent of some of my brethren, the sect that called themselves the August Pinnacle, I was worried. They plan on attacking those the prophecies depict and end their involvement." There was a huge clatter at the far end of the chamber and one of the Scriers from the clerics sect rushed in, his robes billowing in the winds of the travel.

"Sire." He nodded to Malathan and then the others in turn. "Our divinations have revealed that the rogue sect plan on attacking the bearer of the elemental prophecy within the week. We have double checked and they keep coming up tainted with lightning but hold true."

Malathan sighed. "Summon Garreck, we need him to track down this..." He looked over some of the notes he had at his side. "Sharisa d'Orien."

Membership and Hierarchy[edit]


  • Green Dragon (Hide Carved) "Jaladragoeth" <Human Male-Barbarian>
  • Red Dragon (Bloodscaled Fury) "Krea Saudereth" <Female Elf->
  • Blue Dragon (Elemental Master) "" < Male->
  • White Dragon () "Aerabus" <Female Elf->
  • Black Dragon (Unholy Ravager of Tiamat) "Aeolus" < Male->


  • Green Dragon ((Deceased, slain by Sharisa d'Orien)) <Ring of Polymorph, Displacement>
  • Red Dragon
  • Blue Dragon
  • White Dragon
  • Black Dragon


  • Elementals <Lesser, Greater>

Dragons of the Unwritten Dawn[edit]

A clan of Ninja.

Legacy of the Invisible Flame[edit]

A group of Monks.

The Light & Order of Sha'kar[edit]

Paladins & Clerics

The Order of Resplendent Chaos[edit]

A group that has sprung up since the Day of Mourning. They have been attempting to correct some of the side effects caused along with the Creation of the Mournlands. Each member has the ability to sense anomoly's that were caused when Cyre was Sundered.

Prominant members (Also only known ones thus far.)[edit]

  • Crys
  • Crys's Warforged companion
  • Kolm M'Toya (Renae M'Toya's brother)
  • Unknown named Planar Ranger (Working for Andreas Darkk)

The Sect of the ????[edit]

A pack of true lycanthropes. Somehow surviving the Silver Flame purge.

The Temporal Order[edit]

A monastic order of Monks, Wizards, Clerics and several Chronomancers.

  • Their job is to monitor the multiverse, and watch for fluctuations, preventing possible temporal catastrophies.

Time Travel is Bad quote from the DarkHunter.

NO PLAYER KNOWLEDGE!!! quote from Ben Greensburg, self proclaiming Time Watchdog.

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