Orc Flu (3.5e Disease)

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Name: The Orc Flu (Ex)
Infection DC: 22 for all non-Orc players, 12 for all Orc players. (Inhaled or Ingested)
Incubation: 1-5 days for Orc or Half-Orc players, 1-2 days for non-Orc players.
Damage: See Description.

To an average Orc or Half-Orc, the Orc Flu is no big deal; some sniffles here, and a little nausea there, etc. For anything that's not an Orc, it's one hot ass mess. Cramps, diahhrea, vomiting, overall nausea, runny nose, watery eyes and nosebleeds. Don't be around a sick Orc, because to Orcs this flu will only have a -1 on skill checks, but to non-Orcs it gives a -2 check on all saves and skill checks.

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