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Orb of Plenty[edit]


The Orb of Plenty is a mystical object of immense power. While little is know about where the Orb has been, there are plenty of stories that can tell you of its power. This Orb is approximately seven centimeters in diameter and is a malleable material of an aqua blue color. The orb is known for its power over plant life and water, in the sense that it is always found within a large grove of wildlife of all types.

These plants have been known to grow from seedlings into massive versions of the plants typically found in the local region; as well as these massive proportions been noticed but the fact that these plants have grown to such size in mere months instead of years. The forests that grow up around this Orb only ever get up to be a few hundred feet across. For some reason, whenever the Orb is found within the spring it seems to float within the center as if it is on a pedestal. The growth inside the spring is similar to that which surrounds it. When the Orb has been found outside of a spring or water, it has been seen to secrete liquid itself, also known to be clean and pure. While tests have been done, it seems that its power over plant life and growth only effects non-sentient plant-life. In the center of these growths of wildlife is always found a spring which houses the Orb itself, suspended within the water or above it. While in the water the Orb seems be inactive, but upon closer examination the water has been found to be pure and clean. While the Orb is often found within a spring, it has been tested on other sources of water and has been found to purify massive amounts of water, in this case, as much as 200 gallons per hour within the source itself. Another note on its mystical nature is that it almost always emits a bluish light up to ten feet away unless hidden or inactive. As well as its light emitting and its water purification, the Orb has always shown that it knows who and what is around it. The one time we put it near undead it went inactive and the undead seemed to slow its approach to the Orb, as if it feared it. While this has shown that the Orb does not abide undead, it also shows that it can detect life and un-life at a goodly distance, no matter the barriers between it and the undead itself. While no one has ever truly tried to destroy the orb to common knowledge, it has been tested and seems to be impervious to all but powerful magics, so its destruction is only going to happen by someone with intent. Often times, when the Orb is found inactive within a large unknown forest, there is usually a corpse found nearby. It seems that when the Orb is used to create this massive forest, it drains the power it needs to do so from the surroundings as well as the user it is with. It also has been noticed that the people who die after this usage often do so from dehydration. The only known usage of the orb is that of control; control over weather of up to fifty miles from the place of its usage. While that is known about the Orb it is not common knowledge that the Orb itself doesn’t actually control the weather. In reality, when crystal that grows within the Orb is removed and smashed within three days, it makes the weather react beneficially towards the local vegetation, not actual control, which is a common myth behind the item. While in this “inactive” state the Orb itself becomes solid and heavy, unlike the nearly weightless Orb it normally is. These people that the Orb has deemed wrong have always felt themselves to be chilled, and the Orb had become inactive. While not all people have made it do this, it has been confirmed that the Orb itself has some sort of sentience and will not abide being in their ownership. When picked up by some, the Orb has been known to emit strange feelings to the holder until put down. There have only been a few instances where the Orb has been found inactive; while most times that this is the case, the Orb is found partially submerged in water.

The only other times it has been found inactive have shown recent use in the fact that a huge forest come into being overnight. There have been other instances with no known reason for it, while it is possible that what took effect can’t be seen in the prime material plane. The Orb has been known to react badly when put near or touched with fire, normally causing the fire to go out and the Orb to go inactive for several days. While no one has ever confirmed this suspicion, we believe that it merits some mention in this brief history of this marvelous object, it is believed that the Orb itself has a personality of its own, as well as its dislike. If you ever come across the Orb, be nice or you may suffer undo penalty for your action. So long as you aren’t directly insulting or try to interfere with the Orbs “purpose” then you will get along fine. The “purpose” the Orb seems to have is that of growing things, especially massive forests within which it can reside.


A small crystal within the Orb, when smashed, changes the weather to match that of the local plant-life, to increase growth rate. This can be done once per year within a fifty mile area. It takes three months for the crystal to grow, and the Orb will become inactive or "dormant" for this period of time. The Orb also has the power to create a large forest in moments by means of a Verdigris Tsunami spell once per year, causing the Orb to go dormant for one lunar month. It also has the ability to cast Genesis once every ten years, which will cause the Orb to go dormant for six lunar months. If the Orb is ever used for this purpose and then left within the new realm it, upon becoming active, the Orb will transport itself back to a random location on the prime material plane.

Inactive Status[edit]

While inactive all of the orbs normal functions cease, causing the Orb to become hard and heavy. The Orb no longer emits light nor does it secrete or purify water. To those who hold it or can normally communicate with the Orb are unable to as well, as if the Orb has no sentient life. It will sink when put into water as a normal stone would as well.

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