Orb of Hypnotic Mind (3.5e Equipment)

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Price (Item Level): 54,000gp (16th)

Body Slot: Held

Caster Level: 12th

Aura: Moderate; Enchantment

Activation: Free Action

Weight: 5 lbs

What appears to be a staff lays on the floor. Upon touching it, it reveals its true nature.

The Orb of Hypnotic Mind is a vile magic item. Until it is touched, it takes the form of a staff of enchantment. However, when picked up, several dramatic things happen. First, it reveals its orb form. Second, it makes contact with its creator, usually a fiend, who then can make suggestions to the toucher. When the orb is touched, a DC 24 Will save is allowed. Another save is allowed every 1d4 days after the previous save. If a save succeeds, the orb shatters and reveals its true form, but it re-forms in 1d12 hours. After 5 failed saves, a victim is completely devoted to the creator of the orb. It will seek out the creator and become its completely loyal servant and fanatic. It will happily sacrifice itself to serve its master, and forgets its former life. (You'll notice I'm stressing this point)

Moderate enchantment, CL 12th, suggestion, charm monster;cannot be created except by evil non-native outsiders.

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