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Inquisition-6 operates on various levels of activity. For example a team of shocktroopers may storm a business building for a file that might expose them while a ghost may be stalking the owner of the company.


Mostly this type of operation would involve ghosts or spectres. They may be rescueing the Russian President's daughter or kiddnapping her to force the government to cease investigation of Inquisition-6 altogether.


Usually only done by snipers or a ghost or two. This is very straight forward in theory, the individual or team goes to kill an important person. This is usually done subtly. Inquisition-6's security requires this. Though, a cleaner usually does the deed up close and personal if the first, stealthy attempt is botched.

Shock and Awe[edit]

This one is simple, the players sneak in and stuff blows up when they leave or stuff dies while they're there. This is done exclusively by demolitions teams and shocktrooper units.

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