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"It's unclear whether this incredibly heavy Katana even has a blade, past the hilt the 'blade' is distinguishable only as a perfect reflection of its surroundings, somehow showing far more than any normal mirror. Regardless of what it is, this 'blade' cuts through Deities and Demons like warm butter with its weight carving most lesser beings in two with a single swing. The hilt is adorned with an ancient looking black hand guard followed by a black and silver grip, the relative mundanity of the hilt only makes it more disturbing compared to the 'blade' it's attached to."


First found within the deepest reaches of the far realm, this blade has passed through the hands of Gods, Demons and even an Elder Evil. No one knows who made it or how, though the images it reflects do not always seem to match its surroundings, showing scenes of beauty, madness and bloodshed utterly alien to all those who've wielded it.


This is a +20 Anarchic Scion Unerring Sharpness Achiralium Paragon Katana weighing 216lb (or 1,310,720lb if using realistic weights rather than rules as written). It has all the properties of an Anarchic weapon and one made of Achiralium, the exception to this is that each +1 enhancement counts as +3 for damage instead of +2. Due to its incredible weight one must be at least Macro-Diminuitive or have an equivalent virtual size category however, the weapon will change size instantaneously to allow its weilder to use it effectively. This weight means any creature of Large size or smaller struck by the weapon must make a Fortitude save (DC= wielders strength) or by cut in half, killing them instantly (having a virtual size category greater than large grants immunity to this effect). Even if they succeed on this they take an additional 8d10 crushing damage, this ability also takes effect on a natural 20 regardless of size.

The weapon also provides its wielder with SR 30, a +4 luck bonus to all save and a +4 deflection bonus to ac, this is due to the unnerving effect of fighting someone's who's weapon is literally a perfect reflection of yourself or allies. Further any spell that fails to overcome the spell resistance appears to be rebounded upon the caster, though this is only an illusion and does no damage. Whoever holds the weapon is also under a permanent Foresight (CL 20) effect as the weapon occasionally reflects images a few minutes into the future, though a character has only a 25% chance to know what action to best take to ensure there safety. The weapon also deals lethal damage to creatures with regeneration and ignores half a creatures DR, when these qualities take effect the blade seems to stop reflecting its surrounding as it cuts through the enemy showing alien scenes terrifying to most creatures. Any creature (wielder included) within eyesight of this must make a Will save (DC 30) or be shaken for 1d4 rounds those who critically fail become panicked instead.

Anarchic Scion causes Omnia to deal an extra 15d8 damage to lawful creatures and bestows 5 negative levels (Fortitude DC100). Unerring and Sharpness are found within The Immortals Handbook.

Though this weapon is incredible powerful its a double edged sword as whoever holds it is the subject of fear, envy and hatred from entire Pantheons and Abyssal realms prompting wars and manhunts so as to claim it. The weapon is also said to drive its wielders insane, any time the wielder kills an enemy with the 'Protean' type they must make a Will save (DC 100) or be affected as if by the insanity spell for 1d4 rounds, this cannot be dispelled.

The weapon is utterly indestructible, with even beings of Transcendental power being unable to destroy it. Only a being of Omnific power can destroy Omnia, done by holding the blade for 2 consecutive rounds and succeeding at an opposed Strength check, if it's being wielded. For those who aren't near all powerful beings Omnia can be temporarily removed from reality by throwing it into the whirling maelstrom at the centre of the far realm, this causes it to reappear 1d100 years later at a random spot within the far realm. If destroyed by a being of Omnific power it will reappear randomly within the far realm 1d1000+100 years later.

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