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"The roiling skies let loose a beast without a soul: Omega was its name."


DC 25: A large, powerful machine with the power to reduce all to dust. It was sealed away in the Interdimensional Rift because of its overwhelming power.

DC 30: Omega is capable of self-repair, self-improvement, and-- given enough time-- self-replication. Because of this, it is unknown just how many Omegas exist. Only that there are many.

DC 40: Did you start running more than six seconds ago? If not, you're probably doomed.


Omega most commonly fights alone, but on the fluke chance that multiple Omegas end up on the same world they will often work in unison to raze the entire realm. The only ways to stop it are to destroy it or banish it.

Encounter Examples

Level 30 Encounter (395,000 XP)

  • 1 Omega (Level 38 Solo Artillery)

Level 31+ Encounter (790,000 XP)

  • 2 Omega (Level 38 Solo Artillery)


Level 38 Solo Artillery
Large Beast (Construct)
XP 395,000
HP 4096; Bloodied 2048 Initiative +46
AC 56; Fortitude 52, Reflex 42, Will 50 Perception +40
Speed 7 Darkvision
Immune Fear, Charm, Dominate, Stun, Prone, Poison Resist 30 Fire, Cold, Thunder, Force, Acid, Radiant, Necrotic, Untyped
Vulnerable 10 Lightning
Saving Throws +5; Action Points 2
Powerful Recharge ♦ Passive
All of Omega's attacks except for Wave Cannon share a recharge roll.
Standard Actions
Close.png Flamethrower ♦ At-Will
Attack: Close blast 4; +41 vs. Reflex
Hit: 4d8+39 Fire Damage
Miss: 40 Fire Damage
Basicranged.png Missile ♦ At-Will
Attack: Ranged 10; +41 vs. Reflex
Hit: 4d6+34 Damage
Miss: Half Damage
Ranged.png Rocket Punch ♦ At-Will
Attack: Ranged 10; +41 vs. Reflex
Hit: 2d8+39 Damage, and the target must use a standard action on its next turn to attack one or more of its allies.
Miss: 40 Damage
Ranged.png Atomic Ray (Fire)♦ Recharge D6 (6).png
Attack: Ranged 10; Targets three creatures; +40 vs. Reflex
Hit: 3d12+29 Fire damage
Miss: Half Damage
Effect: The target takes ongoing 10 fire damage (save ends).
Close.png Earthquake ♦ Recharge D6 (5).png
Attack: Close burst 10; Targets enemies; +42 vs. Fortitude
Hit: 8d8+20 Damage, and the target is knocked prone.
Miss: Half Damage, and the target is not knocked prone.
Ranged.png Wave Cannon ♦ Recharge D6 (6).png
Attack: Ranged 40; Targets each enemy in range; +48 vs. Fortitude
Hit: Damage equal to the target's bloodied value.
Miss: Damage equal to half the target's healing surge value.
Effect: The target takes ongoing 10 damage (save ends)
Special: Omega does the recharge roll for this power every other turn.
Minor Actions
Ranged.png Missile Swarm ♦ Recharge D6 (4).png
Attack: Ranged 10; Targets one, two, or three creatures; +41 vs. Reflex, three attacks
Hit: 4d6+34 Damage
Miss: 40 damage
Triggered Actions
Close.png Encircle ♦ Recharge D6 (3).png D6 (4).png
Trigger: An enemy hits Omega with an attack with the lightning keyword
Attack: Close burst 40; Targets the triggering enemy in burst; +40 vs. Will
Hit: The target is removed from play (save ends). The target take a -4 penalty to saves against this effect. When it saves, it reappears in the space it last occupied or the nearest unoccupied space of its choice.
Miss: Omega teleports the target 20 squares as a free action.
Bloodied Resurgence ♦ Encounter
Trigger: Omega bloodied for the first time in an encounter
Effect: Each of Omega's rechargeable powers do so.
Str 51 (+41) Dex 22 (+25) Wis 20 (+24)
Con 50 (+36) Int 50 (+36) Cha 5 (+13)
Alignment Unaligned Languages None
Equipment None
Omega's appearance

Omega is a silver steel robot with a round body and four spider-like legs emerging from the sides. It has no head, and the central body is dominated by a large, yellow, pupil-less eye. Its signature attack, Wave Cannon, does heavy non-elemental damage to the party.

Omega's primary threat is twofold-- its powerful attacks and its considerable toughness. It does uses its attacks in an intelligent manner, waiting until enemies are close to use Earthquake, then using Flamethrower on the now-prone targets, or using Encircle to remove the enemy with the greatest threat level for a time. It will also use Rocket Punch to confuse enemies, making them attack each other, and then fire its Wave Cannon to finish them all off.

Overall, the best tactic for fighting Omega is to use its own tactics-- battle in an intelligent way, and hope to outlast its onslaught.

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