Oil of Armor (Pathfinder Equipment)

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Oil of Armor
This heavy, (3 lbs)metallic oil is usually colored in blue, grey or black shades. The oil grants the user a shimmering coat of armor that completely encompasses the user for a duration of 1 hour. It's poured on the top of the head and then slowly over the space of an entire round, flows downward completely covering them with the exception of the bottoms of their feet unless they make other arrangements. The armor will grant the user an AC of anywhere from +1-5 depending on the cost (100 GP per +) and while this armor is useful, it will provide no protection whatsoever to anyone wearing actual armor although it WILL work with bracers and rings that offer protection. It can be negated by a successful Dispel Magic from a 11th level spellcaster. It's rumored that the different levels of protection are keyed to different colors but since no one knows who the creator of this magical oil is yet, that is unconfirmed...

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