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Oderus Urungus[edit]

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Oderus Urungus

CR 40

Medium Outsider
Init/Senses +14/Listen -3, Spot -3
AC 40, touch 20, flat-footed 30
hp 1080 (40d12+600 HD)
Immune Fear, Drugs, Sexual Diseases
Fort/Ref/Will +37/+27/++8
Speed 30 feet
Melee Unt'lick (vorporal greatsword+5) +67/+62/+57/+52 (2d10+30) slashing/piercing damage
Base Atk/Grp Unt'Lick (Vorporal Greatsword) +67/+50
Abilities Str 40, Dex 30, Con 40, Int 6, Wis 6, Cha 26
SQ Frightful Presence, damage reduction 30/epic, spell resistance 30 fast healing 15, Greater Barrier, Effectively Immortal
Feats Multiattack, Power Attack, Improved Power Attack, Improved Initiative, Awesome Blow, Weapon Focus (Unt'Lick), Epic Weapon Focus (Unt'Lick), Combat Reflexes, Spell Penetration, Cleave, Improved Cleave, Greater Cleave
Possessions +5 Vorporal "Unt'lick" great sword 2d10+5 slashing, Cuttlefish of Cthulhu (attach to nether region like strap on and be able to perform "Phallic Weapon Spray")
Phallic Weapon Spray (30d12 Acid, Poison or Fire Damage in large cone, reroll on 5-6, Dc. 27) Basically Immortal (Oderus can be slain in battle or totally destroyed from existence but he will eventually return in several minutes.)

Strategies and Tactics[edit]

He gets drunk and smokes crack, he drives his truck until it skids especially into buses full of retarded kids. He is just a person with AIDs and he is wondering how he got that way? He injects dirty needles into dinosaur's eggs to create Terrasques. He was a brutal gladiator from outer-space but now he is just drug addict. He abducts Children and does unspeakable things to them but would you rather that it was your mom? He is just a bad bad man coming to town who shot a man for snoring too loud. He slap slap slaps you around and especially kicks your pregnant ass down the stairs. It is America's most beloved sociopath monster space pirate barbarian from outer-space who has accidentally caused more galactic genocides of races because of getting to drunk and too high to even read the instructions from his space ship's artificial intelligence the Navigator. Some people might say he was quite the little billy bad ass and his actions could even cause a turn a new page in the history book, but if only he could learn how to write. For now He is on this planet and he is running Amok, he should give a sh*t but he doesn't give a F*ck. Just remember Rock and roll has never felt this good but have you seen me?

Sample Encounters[edit]


Environment: Any place with drugs and copious amounts sex and violence

Typical Physical Characteristics: covered with all manner of maggot, worms, boils and wearing a mix of battle armor and the fishnets and high heels of a transexual "King-Queen" sex worker.

Alignment: obviously obviously Chaotic evil. Oderus is the screaming Avatar of Chaotic Evil. He said he would do the show and he canceled anyways he will even slaughter the crew just for eating from his deli tray.



He lives with his fellow Gwarriors in Antartica with their slaves, eating humans and doing super unsavory acts on their slaves.

Sample Lair[edit]

Any Frozen wasteland

Typical Treasure[edit]

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