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You are an occultist. You may be a flesh-hacker and necromancer, gleaning secrets from the dead, or a wizard or warlock, searching in dark places for knowledge. Whoever you are, you are knowledgeable on topics of the darkest imaginable bent. You may try to put that behind you, or you may embrace it.

Skill Proficiencies: Choose two of the following: Deception, Investigation, Religion

Tool Proficiencies: Alchemist's supplies

Languages: Choose Deep Speech or Qualith

Equipment: Censer, Occult focus (Examples: a skull, a runed candle, a bloodstained bell), Alchemist's supplies, a set of common clothes, 2d3 weighty tomes of forbidden/esoteric lore (Example titles: The Book of the Damned, The Bara'kora, The Ishtaab, The Guide to the Far Realm)

Feature: Occult Ritual Knowledge[edit]

You can, using your Occult focus, spend a 15 minute ritual, at the end of which you make a DC 15 Investigation or Religion check. If you succeed, you summon a servitor (a Tiny Aberration, 1 HP, 8 in all ability scores, a base walking speed of 15 feet, and a random cantrip chosen from your known cantrips, or the Prestidigitation cantrip if you don't know any.) It is under the control of you. In addition, you can use your Occult focus as a spell focus.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

Occultists are often defined by their knowledge and the means used to obtain it.

d8 Personality Trait
1 Knowledge is my lifeblood.
2 Just because it's dead doesn't mean it doesn't have secrets it will give up.
3 I am extremely twitchy.
4 I am definitely, completely, utterly sane.
5 The knowledge I gain I use to fight great evils.
6 I will always share my knowledge.
7 Nothing left to lose, everything to gain. That's why I do this.
8 All these secrets need to be shared.
d6 Ideal
1 The Greater Good. All this dark knowledge must be used for the greater good. (Good)
2 Knowledge. Knowledge is the path to power and self-improvement. (Neutral)
3 Domination. With this knowledge I will dominate the world. (Evil)
4 Methodicism. If I am mad, there is a well ordered method to my madness. (Lawful)
5 Hedonism. Am I mad? Who cares! This knowledge is delightful! (Chaotic)
6 Usefulness. I will use this knowledge for myself. (Any)
d6 Bond
1 I will do anything for the circle of occult scholars who taught me.
2 My friends and the one person I ever loved left me because of this. I wish I could get them back.
3 Everyone deserves respect.
4 No-one, not even me, deserves to live.
5 My friends, or at least the ones left, are my all.
6 My mentor gave me my knowledge.
d6 Flaw
1 I am to flexible in my thinking.
2 I have no reason to help anyone.
3 I am a powerful scholar of forbidden knowledge, and everyone must know of it.
4 I must cloak myself in mystery, or I will be scorned.
5 Other people are just potential test subjects.
6 I will do anything for knowledge.

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