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Ocarina of Time

The Ocarina of Time is a blue ocarina with a small symbol of three yellow equilateral triangles near the mouthpiece. Playing certain tunes upon it has many effects, including the manipulation of time itself. Hence the name, one would assume. Playing the Ocarina counts as a full-round action, and invokes an attack of opportunity from any threatening enemy. For songs that have spell-like affects, assume the Ocarina has a caster level of the user's total levels divided by two. For sunder and damaging the Ocarina, AC is 18, hardness is 7 and HP is 5.

This is a unique item - only one can exist per game. This item cannot be crafted.

Songs and Effects

Each song requires a Perform (Wind Instrument) check, with a DC of 10 + the listed number.

Table: Songs
Song Name Effects DC Adjustment
Song of Storms Changes the weather to Heavy Rain. If the weather is already Heavy Rain, the weather instead changes to Sunny. +5
Song of Healing Acts as the Cleric spell Mending or Remove Curse. Affects everybody who can hear the Ocarina. +11
Epona's Song Summons a mount for the player to use. See this for details. +11
New Wave Bossa Nova Improves any one skill on a target by +10 for 1d4 hours. This does not stack with itself, nor does it affect any DC from the songs listed here. +15
Goron Lullaby As the Sleep spell, except it may affect targets with up to 8HD. +15
Sonata of Awakening Awakens all sleeping creatures who can hear the ocarina. +15
Song of Time May move the player and his/her/its party backwards in time up to three days. This song may not be reused for 3 days. +25
Inverted Song of Time As the spell Haste. Only affects the performer. +15

In all cases which apply, the spells' requirements (material components, XP cost, etc) are assumed; they are not required to use the Ocarina.

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