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Ocarina's Infinite Echo [General Feat, Charismatic Feat][edit]

The Guardian shall arise to quell the fighting, but alone its song shall fail. Only through the mental focus and agility granted to those who possess the ultimate wit may possess this integral feat. Your songs, dances, poems, and epic tales echo on infinitely in the minds of those you captivate.
Prerequisite: Requires a Charisma score of 20 or higher, and must be playing a class that utilizes the Charisma Ability Score as its primary ability or spellcasting ability.
Benefit: You double your Charisma modifier when making Perform checks. When you would make an Unarmed Strike, Spell Attack, or cast a spell of 5th level or lower against an opposing creature, you may inflict half your Perform skill check as additional damage a number of times equal to your Charisma Modifier. Once expended, you must take a long rest before being able to use this ability again.
Normal: If you do not possess an Ocarina, but take this feat, you will only gain the bonuses from the benefits section, rather than both the benefits and special bonus.
Special: If you possess an Ocarina as your musical vessel for using your Perform check you may add a +5 bonus to your Perform checks. Furthermore, if you are the Monk class, you may switch your primary ability from Wisdom to Charisma-based saves for the purposes of calculating save DC.

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