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Obox-ob: Prince of Vermin[edit]

  • Level: 6
  • Binding DC: 26
  • Special requirement: You must place a living insect on the seal you use.


Obox-ob once held the title of Prince of Demons in an era before the tanar’ri existed. His title was stolen from him when the Queen of Chaos killed him and granted his title to Miska the Wolf-Spider. Although slain, he was not truly destroyed, and his most powerful aspect fled into hiding deep in Abyss on the 663th layer, which is called Zionyn. There his shadow dwelled for eons before taking from and coming back the stage, which had changed much in during his ages long hiatus. The tanar’ri now ruled, and Obox-ob had been reduced to the Prince of Vermin. So he longs for the death of Demongorgon, the return of his former glory and indeed the destruction entire Tarar'ri race. Ancient, horrible, and as vexing as an Oblyrith could be, a mere moment in his presence may shatter the minds of lesser creatures, imparting a lifetime of phobia inducing nightmares upon them.


Obox'ob's manifestation starts with a single scorpion in the center of the seal. Then a fly come out from the seal land on top the scorpion, then a moth, a spider, another fly: One by one, then dozens by dozens, a huge vaguely scorpion shaped mass is formed, and then suddenly it takes its true shape.


You appear to have tiny insects crawling under your skin.


Obox-bo forbids his host from taking any hostile actions against vermin unless provoke by hostile actions directed at him.

Granted abilities[edit]

Disharmonious drone[edit]

Creatures within 50ft of you receive a –2 penalty on attack rolls, and skills checks. Attempting to cast a spell while under the effect of disharmonious drone requires a concentration check DC 13 + the spell's level. Each creature that would be affected may attempt a will save upon entering the affected area or at the start of his turn to negate this effect until the start of his next turn. This is a sonic mind affecting ability so creatures must be immune to both type to escape eligibility. The binder may activate or dismiss this ability at will as a standard action.

Damage reduction[edit]

You gain DR 4/Law.

Swarm breath[edit]

You are a verminous well, spewing forth winged insects and releasing crawling creatures which pour out of openings in your skin, and then condense in nearby areas to form swarms. As a full round action you can summon forth a number of locust swarms (1 per 4 EBL). You must summon the swarms so that at least one is adjacent to you, and so that each swarm is adjacent to at least one other swarm (that is, the swarms must fill one contiguous area partially adjacent to you). Each swarm attacks any creatures occupying its area. The swarms are stationary after being summoned, and won’t pursue creatures that flee, unless you command the swarms to move (a move action). As a standard action, you can command any number of the swarms you've summoned, which are within 10ft/EBL of you, to move to any square within this range. At EBL 16 you can also use this ability to summon centipede swarms rather than locust swarms.

Vermin master[edit]

You may Command, bolster, and rebuke vermin as a cleric using your EBL in place of cleric level.

Vermin forms[edit]

This ability functions as the Baleful Polymorph, except that you may only choose vermin forms and the effect only lasts for one round/EBL. You may use this ability once every five rounds. At level 19 you may optionally use this ability to create the effect of a Polymorph Any Object spell. Only one object or creature can be effect at a time this way.

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