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This spell must be restructured into Epic.
If you want to do this please see Talk:Obliterate (3.5e Epic Spell)#Commentary or Talk:Obliterate (3.5e Epic Spell)#Balance.

Idea Inspired by works of: bg2soatob



Spellcraft DC: [Needs Value]

Level: Epic

Components: V,S,M,F

Casting Time: 1 hour/ level of victim

Range: Touch

Target: One creature

Duration: Instantaneous

Saving Throw: Will negates

Spell resistance: Yes

To Develop: [Needs Values], Seeds: [Insert], Factor: [Instert]

Upon the completion of this ritual, the victim is completely obliterated off the earth. The victim is killed, and his body is turned to dust. The victim's name is erased from history, his family no longer remembers him, and all that knew him forget him, unless they succeed at a Will save (DC 20). The victim's soul is also killed in the spell. In essence, the victim is treated as if he never existed.

Material component: A crushed diamond worth at least 5,000

Focus: An item made of negative energy.

XP cost: 500 xp for each level of the victim

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