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Obfuscating Velocity Combat

You dash extremely fast, so fast that you disappear whilst moving. .
Prerequisite: Mobility, Dodge, Bab +5, Move Silently 8 ranks, Tumble 5 ranks, Jump 5 ranks, DEX 17, WIS 14,
Benefit: Your land speed increases by 10 feet.

. You gain access to the Dash maneuver, as a nonaction once per round (That can be used even if it's not your turn) you can move 10 feet, provoking AoOs from the enemies who can see you. While dashing you cannot be detected by sight or magically enchanted sigh, however, you can be detected by Tremorsense and 360 Degrees Blindsight (True Sight does not work unless the user has 360 degrees vision). Dash can be used to escape weapon range, ending (if any) multi attacks, if you are out of the weapons reach. .

While dashing and disengaging you have the effects of Greater Invisibility and Blur, this is an extraordinary ability. However, taking damage while moving in this manner immediately stops your movement and turn, furthermore you cannot take any actions for the next round and you fall prone. This ability cannot be used if you are under the effects of difficult terrain or your movement speed is reduced for any reason. .

. Dash is automatically used when Disengaging

. Dash cannot be used if you are under the effects of difficult terrain or your movement speed is decreased for any reason. .

This feat grants no benefits if you are wearing any armor or carrying more than light load.


Dash cannot be used more than once per round regardless of how you use it.
Normal: You may move fast but not so fast that you are obscured. .
Special: Dash does not break stealth and goes through squares that are occupied by allies or enemies without requiring a tumble check.


Creatures that are under the effect of Haste can always see you during Dash as long as their intelligence and wisdom scores are not lower than 12. This limitation no longer applies if your land speed exceeds the hasted land speed of your opponent.

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