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Oberon's Legacy [Racial]

You have a hint of the hero Oberon's magic in you. It manifests as temporary wings that allow you to fly.
Prerequisite: Elf,Character level 9
Benefit: Choose one ability score between Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma. Once you have chosen you cannot change it.

You can manifest a pair of wings as a standard action a number of minutes per day equal to the ability modifier you chose. For that time you gain a fly speed equal to your land speed (not influenced by magic enhancement) with an average maneuverability. You can dismiss the wings with a move action. The minutes need not to be consecutive.

Oberon was an elf sorcerer-prince who married the Queen of Fairies, becoming king. He was a forbear of the elves and they can tap in their fairy ancestry to reveal this power.
Special: This feat fulfils the prerequisite of feats that need a fly speed. This feat is either only for complete elves or for elves and half-elves, as the DM chooses. A drow may not take this feat.

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