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Oath of the Valkyrie[edit]

The Valkyrie is a female follower of Odin who has dedicated her soul to gathering those souls who are worthy for Asgard. All Valkyries worship Odin and all Valkyries are female. They excel in hand to hand combat as well as ranged combat. However, only those true in heart and of good nature can progress to the heights of immortality.

Valkyries are well respected by the righteous warriors of the world, and those of a darker nature tend to steer clear of them. More often then not, the Valkyries who are chosen are killed by evil sorcerers and warriors while they are young; those who survive become strong warriors and fight in the name of righteousness, gathering souls for Ragnarok. They must have a strong will and a strong body to withstand some of the intense battles they will be sent into, but they will do their work gratefully and with a smile.

Lastly, Valkyries tend to get along with just about anyone. They will work with chaotic aligned people if necessary, but they prefer not to. A Valkyrie will never knowingly accept help from anyone of an evil alignment, nor will she help them. Valkyries show no mercy on any evil creature and will destroy any evil foe at a chance.

A Valkyrie's sole purpose is to gather soldiers for the final battle, Ragnarok. They may stray from the path if it is helpful in furthering the greater good (such as killing a demon prince, or taking a mad dictator out of power). After a Valkyrie has completed her quota, (as determined by Odin,) she may live her life as she wishes.

Valkyries are servants of Odin who look for heroes or heroines to become soldiers for Ragnarok. They follow Odin closely if they choose to become a Valkyrie, and follow in the path of destruction. More often than not, their presence in a village is seen as a bad omen, but people are always kind to them, usually out of fear or in hopes that Odin will show them favor. Valkyries tend to be charismatic and can manipulate people fairly well to get information or to gain progress. A Valkyrie is not above exploiting her feminine charms to achieve her goals.

Tenets of the Valkyrie
Bring the Worthy. Your main role is to prepare soldiers for the Ragnarok, so you must always be attentive to recognize valiant warriors, and bring their souls to the Valhalla.
Fight with Bravery. Odin expect only the best and bravest warriors to be amidst its ranks, so you must always be ready to prove your worthiness to the All Father.
March in the Ragnarok. When the moment comes, you must be ready to fulfill your purpose, and fight in the war to end all wars, by valiantly battle in the Ragnarok.
Oath Spells

You gain oath spells at the paladin levels listed:

Paladin Level Spells
3rd healing word, feather fall
5th augury, see invisibility
9th fear, spirit guardians
13th greater invisibility, guardian of faith
17th commune, danse macabre
Collect Worthy Souls

At 3rd level, whenever a creature is reduced to 0 hit points while in combat, you can use your reaction to collect the soul. The creature must be willing, and if it choose so, the soul is sent to the Valhalla.

Channel Divinity

Starting at 3rd level, you gain the following uses for your Channel Divinity:

Nibelung Valesti. You can spend an use of your Channel Divinity feature as a bonus action to perform a mighty strike. You summon a spear made of celestial light, and make a ranged attack against a creature within 20 feet. You cause 2d10 damage on a hit, or 20 points of damage if the target have 20 hit points or less.
Valkyrie Healing. You can touch a creature using an action, and spend one use of your Channel Divinity to mend the wounds of a creature you touch. The creature regain a number of hit points equal to 10 + your paladin level.
If you start your turn within 5 feet of a friendly creature at 0 hit points, you can use this feature on it without using an action.
Might of the Valkyrie

At 7th level, any friendly creature within 10 feet that scores a critical hit on an attack cause additional damage equal to your Charisma modifier.

The area of the aura increase to 30 feet at 18th level.

Divine Wings

Starting at 15th level, you gain a flying speed equal to your movement speed.

Celestial Aspect

At 20th level, you ascend as a valkyrie, becoming a true avatar of war. Your creature type changes to celestial, and you no longer die from old age, nor can you be magically aged.

You can't be affected by effects that instantly kill you, and is immune to poison and the poisoned condition. You no longer need to eat, drink or breath.

Finally, you gain truesight up to a range of 30 feet

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