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Oath of The Torch[edit]

Taking the Oath of the Torch is a commitment that is not to be taken lightly. Those who devote themselves to this Paladin Order are sworn guardians; be it by blade, shield or flesh, they will always act as protectors of those who can not fight for themselves. Whether they are on a war-torn battlefield or the slums of a major city, these holy warriors devote their healing arts and their defensive prowess to aiding the downtrodden. It should go without saying, however, that these Paladins are equally capable of punishing the wicked as they are aiding the righteous.

Tenets of The Torch[edit]

Face the Maelstrom There is no foe to strong and no threat too great to keep you from your duties.
Offer the Chalice You must strive to be a symbol of hope to the common people. Offer your kindness to all who are worthy of it.
Carry the Torch You are a beacon of order and morality, and as such, must hold yourself to the same standards as your wards and quarries.
Reignite the Embers If there is even an inkling of good left in someone, guide them to the light.
Rest Your Head Your strength means nothing if you stretch yourself too thin. Never neglect your own needs, lest your ability to serve will falter.

Oath of The Torch Spells[edit]

Paladin Level Spells
3rd shield, hunter's mark
5th misty step, hold person
9th beacon of hope, thunder step
13th guardian of faith, stoneskin
17th mass cure wounds, hold monster
Channel Divinity

When you choose this Oath at 3rd level you gain access to the following Channel Divinity options:

Torchbearer As a bonus action, you present your holy symbol and cry out an evocation of your deity's might. Every hostile creature within 30 feet of you that can hear and/or see you must make a Wisdom saving throw. On a failure, for the next minute, any attack made against any creature that is not you is made at disadvantage. This effect ends early if you fall unconscious or die.

Radiant Shield As an action, you present your holy symbol and say a prayer of protection. You ward a willing creature within 30 feet of you that you can see. For 1 minute, any creature that hits the warded creature with a melee attack takes your Charisma modifier in Radiant damage. You can not ward yourself in this way.

Angelic Arms

Upon taking this oath at 3rd level, you gain the ability to bind a set of armor to yourself. This armor is then considered blessed and may take on any appearance of your choosing, but will always bear the symbol of your deity. It’s properties do not change. Unbinding an armor reverts it back to its original form.

Additionally, you may spend 1 hour performing a ritual to bind a weapon to yourself. So long as you and this weapon remain within the same plane of existence, you may summon this weapon as a bonus action. You may bind up to 2 weapons in this way, or 1 weapon and 1 shield. Any weapon that you have bound to yourself is considered a magical weapon for the sake of bypassing resistance and immunity to nonmagical weapons. While you may bind a magic weapon to yourself, you are incapable of binding an artifact. If you perform the ritual to bind a weapon to yourself, if you already have two weapons bound, you must choose 1 weapon to unbind from yourself.

Torchlight Aura

Beginning at 7th level, you and friendly creatures within 10 feet of you are resistant to necrotic damage and can see through magical darkness as if it were dim light. At level 18, this aura increases to 30 feet.

Beholden to the Torch

Beginning at 15th level, your hit point maximum can not be reduced by any means. Additionally, upon taking a short rest, you regain points of Lay On Hands equal to 2 times your Charisma modifier.

Aspect of the Torch

At 20th Level, you can take on the form of the Aspect of the Torch. Holy white flames burst from your body and white light pours out from your eyes and mouth. Using your action, you undergo a transformation. For 1 minute, you gain the following benefits:

  • If your divine armor and/or weapons are not currently equipped, they are conjured and equipped to you.
  • Hostile creatures within 30 feet of you subtract your Charisma modifier from their attack rolls.
  • You shed bright light in a 20 foot radius, and dim light for an additional 10 feet.
  • Friendly creatures within 30 feet of you add your Charisma modifier to one attack roll every turn.
  • Using Divine Smite will heal you 1d4 hit points on every use.

Once this feature has been used it cannot be used again until you have finished a long rest.

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