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Oath of the Silver Shield[edit]

Paladin Subclass

The Oath of the Silver Shield are sacred warriors to be at the forefront of every battle, and never run too far from allies and protect them at the behest of themselves. These paladins are the literal term of self sacrifice and protection. This oath is available to paladins of any alignment.

Tenets of the Silver Shield[edit]

The tenets of the Oath of the Silver Shield.

Respect. You are taught to know and respect your superiors, and your allies. You are also required to give the same kind of respect to all, except for your enemies

Honourable. Honour is held dear and near your heart, breaking an oath breaks you. You will never dishonour yourself or your order, and you rather die than doing so.

Valour. Always be prepared to stand before evil or injustice to save a life, even in the face of impossible odds.

Resolve. Always continue on in the face of adversity, persevere when others fall short, and be prepared to end a threat permanently to ensure lasting protection of those in your charge.

Oath Spells[edit]

You gain Oath spells at the Paladin Levels listed:

Paladin Level Spells
3rd shield, healing word
5th spiritual weapon, armor of agathys
9th beacon of hope, mass healing word
13th sickening radiance, aura of life
17th holy weapon, mass cure wounds

Channel Divinity[edit]

When you take this Oath at 3rd level, you gain the following two Channel Divinity options.

Light of Dawn As an action, you present your holy symbol and evoke healing energy that can restore a number of hit points equal to 4 x your paladin level. Choose any creatures within 30 feet of you, and divide those hit points among them. You can’t use this feature on an undead or a construct. you regain this after a short or long rest

Divine Ward. As a Reaction when a creature that you can see within 10 feet of you is subjected to a Damaging Effect, you can take the damage of that effect in place of them, taking damage as if you had been hit by an attack or failed the saving throw for an effect, suffering any negative effects from that effect in addition to the damage. You effectively become the target for the effect, rather than the initial target.

Long Arm of Faith[edit]

Beginning at 3rd level, you can also channel the effects of Lay on Hands through the distance, being capable to target a creature from up to 10 feet's of you instead of directly touching them.

At 18th level, the range of this effect extends to 30 feet.

Aura of Silver[edit]

Starting at 7th level, you will have an aura of silver light around you and any friendly creatures within a 10 feet range allowing you to add half your Charisma modifier rounded down to their total AC.

At 18th level, the range of this aura increases to 30 feet, as well as using your full charisma modifier instead of half

Enveloping Silver Gleam[edit]

Starting at 15th Level, your ability to harness the silver light of your oath allows you to store your healing as energy. Whenever you restore hit points to one or more creatures, add half the value of healing to a "Silver Pool". Whenever you hit a creature with an attack, you can expend the points in this pool to deal extra Radiant damage equal to the number of points expended. Your lose all remaining points in the pool when you complete a Short or Long Rest.

Avenging Resolve[edit]

Starting at 20th Level, you can become empowered by the Silver Light of your deity. For the next minute, you gain the following benefits:

1. You produce Bright Light in a 30-foot radius and Dim Light for an additional 30 feet. If this area of light overlaps with magical darkness of 5th Level or lower, the effect that created that darkness is dispelled.

2. You are Immune to Necrotic and Radiant damage.

3. At the start of each of your turns, you can expend a Spell Slot to heal all creatures of your choice within 30 feet. The creatures regain 2d8 + Paladin Level Hit Points for a 1st Level Spell Slot, and 2d8 Additional Hit Points for each slot level above first.

4.Whenever you make a melee attack and use the divine smite ability you can roll an additional 2d8 radiant damage per spell slot level whilst in this form

Once you use this feature, you can't do so again until you finish a Long Rest, unless you expend a 5th Level spell slot to do so again.

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