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Oath of the Jedi/Sith[edit]

These Paladins, who have a strong connection to the force, often follow the teachings of other force users, often, Jedi, or Sith... (Realise that this class will not fit most Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, and you must ask your Dungeon Master before using this class.)

The Jedi Code

At third level upon taking this subclass, you either follow this Code, the Jedi Code, or the Sith Code.

There is no emotion, there is peace.

There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.

There is no passion, there is serenity.

There is no chaos, there is harmony.

There is no death, there is the Force.

The Sith Code

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.

Through passion, I gain strength.

Through strength, I gain power.

Through power, I gain victory.

Through victory, my chains are broken.

The Force shall free me.


At third level, you have a Jedi or Sith's Holocron, received from your last combat encounter (If it is a no-combat campaign, work this out with your DM), or, given by a Jedi or Sith. This Holocron shows you many things, such as, how to build a Lightsaber, and many of the Force's secrets. Upon taking this subclass, you gain Lightsaber proficiency. There are six kinds of Lightsabers. The cost shows how much gold you must spend in materials to craft the Lightsaber, the time shows how long it will take to finish in hours of work. In most lightsabers (exceptions are Saberpike and Lightwhip) if you are attacked by a ranged attack, you can use your reaction to roll an acrobatics check against the attacker's attack roll, if you beat it, the attack is reflected away from you.

Weapon Damage Properties Weight Cost Time
Lightsaber 1d10 Magical Lightning Damage Finesse, Versatile (1d12) 2 lbs. 150 35
Shortsaber 1d8 Magical Lightning Damage Finesse, Light 1.5 lbs. 100 20
Saberstaff 2d6 Magical Lightning Damage Finesse, Two-Handed 2.5 lbs. 200 50
Saberpike 1d8 Magical Lightning Damage Finesse, Versatile (1d10), Reach 3 lbs. 175 45
Lightwhip 1d6 Magical Lightning Damage Finesse, Light, Reach 1.5 lb. 150 40
Lightdagger 1d6 Magical Lightning Damage Finesse, Light, Thrown(Range 20/60) 1 lb. 150 40
Trust in the Force

At 3rd level, you have used your connection to the force to gain some precognition (knowing when your enemies will strike). Your AC while you are not wearing armor equals 10 + Dexterity modifier + your Wisdom modifier.

Force Powers

At 3rd level, Force Powers are added to your spell list, you also gain the Mage Hand cantrip (the hand is invisible). These powers are detailed here. (Note, Force Powers that require one Action to activate, count as an Attack Action, meaning you can take extra attacks after using one, or, you could use one as an extra attack)

Lightsaber Form

At 5th level, you choose one Lightsaber Form to focus on. To gain the benefit of any of these forms, you must be wielding a type of Lightsaber.


You practiced Form I: Shii-Cho, based on sweeping offensive movements, used to disarm an opponent. When you hit with a weapon attack, you can choose to forgo the damage, and instead disarm your opponent, their weapon falls 5 feet away from them, to their left or right (Your choice)


You practiced Form II: Makashi, based on dueling, and precise quick attacks. You gain a +1 bonus to all rolls to hit with a Lightsaber, this bonus is added last, if the total is 20 because of this feature, it is treated as a natural 20.


You practiced form III: Soresu, based on defense. You gain a +1 bonus to your AC.


You practiced form IV: Ataru, based on fast, acrobatic attacks. Upon taking this form, you gain a +5 bonus to your movement speed. If you move at least 10 feet on your turn, and then attack an enemy, you have advantage on the attack.

Shien/Djem So

You practiced form V: Shien/Djem So, a variant of form III. When being attacked, you can use your reaction to roll an acrobatics check against the attacker's attack roll. If you fail, the attack applies normally, but if you succeed, and the enemy was using a melee weapon, you take an opportunity attack, dealing half damage (Round down). If you succeeded, and the enemy was using a ranged weapon, you reflect the attack back onto the enemy, dealing half damage (Round down).


You practiced form VI: Niman, a form based on mixing both force abilities, and quick agile attacks. If you used Force Push, Force Pull, or Force Repulse, you can take the attack action directly after as a part of the same action, by expending 1 level one or higher spell slot.


You practiced form VII: Juyo/Vaapad, a form based on using your emotions to fuel your attacks, and deal more damage. This form gives you a +2 to all Lightsaber damage.

Channel Divinity

At 7th level, you gain the following two Channel Divinity options:

Affect Mind As a bonus action, you grant yourself a +3 bonus to Charisma checks for the next 10 minutes.

Sever Force You interrupt the Force connection of a being, you can only hold this up for 2 hours. The creature is unable to use magic for the duration of this effect.

Jedi Grand Master/Sith Lord

At 17th level, depending on whether your Holocron came from a Jedi or a Sith, you have attained the power that only few force users have ever achieved.

Jedi Grand Master

You get a +10 to your base speed. Your Channel Divinity, Sever Force, now lasts Twice as long.

Sith Lord

You get a +10 to your base speed. You get the two following Channel Divinity option.

Force Fury-You enter an enraged, powerful state that lasts for 1 minute. You now add 1d12 Force damage to all of your damage dealing attacks, but due to it's volatile nature, at the end of each of your turns in this state, you also take 1d6 Force damage.

Force Lightning-You shoot bolts of lightning from your hands, dealing 1d12 lightning damage to the target(s)

One with the force

At 20th level, if you die, you can become a Ghost. You also gain the following Channel Divinity option.

Force Aura-Each creature within 20 feet of your choice takes 1d20 Radiant (Jedi) or Necrotic (Sith) damage. This lasts for 2 minutes

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