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Oath of the Grave Digger[edit]

Paladin Subclass

You decide to swear your oath to dig graves for all creatures and keep them buried. The oath of grave digging seeks to keep a cemetery, a place of rest for those who have passed despite their life choices.

Tenets Of a Grave Digger

A Grave for All. Murderer, thief, saint and blacksmith, all have the equal right to a hole in the ground once they are dead. After all you only get paid for the hole not their life story.

Back to the Grave. Put the undead back in the hole in the ground where they came from. You don't like the undead, undoing your livelihoods work of digging graves.

Dig it Deep. Once a body or what's left, is in the ground, that's where it should stay. To avoid redoing your work, make sure it is not coming back out of the hole.

A Proper Tombstone. Death is part of life, but seeing a full life span on the Tombstone helps make the job easier. It would be good if you could do the same.

Oath of Grave Digger Spells
Paladin Level Spells
3rd Chill Touch, Fog cloud.
5th Misty Step, Gentle Repose.
9th Counter Spell, Speak with Dead.
13th Freedom of Movement, Dimension Door.
17th Hallow, Transmute Rock.

Grave expert

At 3rd level when choosing this subclass you have advantage on Wisdom (Perception)/ Intelligence (Investigation)/Intelligence (History) checks when it comes to graves. You are also able to cast Gentle Repose as a ritual when burying a body.

Channel Divinity

Buried Alive. As a bonus action for 1 minute all your attacks are considered magical and deal an extra 1d6 force damage, and 19 is also considered a critical only against undead.

Kept From the Grave. As an action you summon a 30 foot sphere with you as the center, of light mist that moves with you for 1 minute. Fallen allies who come in contact with the mist are instantly stabilized. Allies on ending their turn in the mist gain 1d6 temporary hit points. This can only happen up to your constitution modifier every round (max 5).

Saved from the Grave

Starting at 7th level, as a action once a round, you are able to use Lay on hands on a creature you choose that is in range of your aura without touching them.

Grave Knowledge

At 15th level your experience in using your channel divinity allows you to unlock its true potential.

  • Buried Alive, now deals 2d6 force damage and only against undead critical on 18 as well.
  • Kept from the grave, a total number of allies up to your constitution modifier (max 5), gain advantage on Wisdom and Dexterity saving throws.

Become Death, Digger of graves

At 20th level your understanding of life and death has allowed you to transcend your limits for a short period of time.

Once a day you can activate Buried Alive and Kept from the Grave at the same time and choose one of the following:

  • Fly speed of 30 feet for the duration.
  • You gain true sight up to area of your Aura for the duration.

Once you use this feature again, you can't do so until you finish a long rest.

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