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Oath of Volition[edit]

Paladin Subclass

Paladins who choose the oath of volition are devoted to the ideal of free will to the fullest. They respect, more than anything, the right of any sentient being of choosing its own path in life, and oppose with righteous anger any creature that attempts to suppress this divine right. Thus, they tend to be sworn enemies of tyrants, enslavers and mind controllers, and tend to follow a path of liberation, returning to creatures who had their volition suppressed the right to exercise it again.

Tenets of Volition
Oppose Tyranny. Paladins of volition oppose violently dictatorships and tyrants of any kind, fighting with all their might against autocratic regimes.
Fight Oppression. A paladin of volition should fight oppression - specifically in the form of suppression of liberties - with great prejudice, since they despise any type of system that would remove someone else's freedom of choice.
Respect Agency. You must respect the agency of all creatures, in the same way you must demand respect to your own agency.
Make your own Choices. Paladins of volition shouldn't surrender their will to others, and must always exercise their freedom - and accept the consequences of their choices with responsibility.
Oath Spells

You gain oath spells at the paladin levels listed.

Paladin Level Spells
3rd expeditious retreat, longstrider
5th invisibility, levitate
9th fly, intellect fortress
13th greater invisibility, polymorph
17th awaken, teleportation circle
Channel Divinity

Release Compulsion. As an Action, you can spend one use of Channel Divinity to end an effect on a creature that makes that creature take actions against its will. Make a Charisma check, adding your proficiency bonus, against the DC of the effect. On a success, the effect ends. You can always use this feature on yourself, even if the effect would normally prevent you from using an Action.

Word of Agency. You can use your Channel Divinity as a bonus action to give a creature the chance of exercise its own free will. That creature can make a single weapon attack, move 15 feet without provoking opportunity attacks or make a skill check that require an action, using its reaction. You can't use this feature on yourself.

Aura of Free Will

At 7th level, you exude an aura of volition, making you and nearby allies immune to compulsion. You and all creatures within 10 feet are immune to the charmed condition.

At 18th level, the aura increases to 30 feet.

True Freedom

Starting at 15th level, you can cast freedom of movement at will, without spending spell slots.

Avatar of Autonomy

When you reach the 20th level, you become the true symbol of volition. You can use your action to gain the following benefits for 1 hour:

  • You are immune to the following conditions: incapacitated, stunned, paralyzed, grappled and restrained.
  • Your allies have advantage on saving throws against the aforementioned conditions while within 30 feet of you.
  • You can use Word of Agency without spending your Channel Divinity, once in each of your turns.

This effect ends early if you are incapacitated or die. Once you use this feature, you can't use it again until you finish a long rest.

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