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Oath of Sacrifice[edit]

"Ultimate Sacrifice"

The Paladin of Sacrifice doesn't think twice about giving their life to a cause. They know that eventually they will receive solace as their soul meets their deity in the beyond. While many call them Martyr Knights, it is a title of great respect. Each paladin isn't afraid of death, and is focused in helping all those they can, oftentimes putting their own safety at risk. While a bit more brash-headed than paladins of other oaths, these knights are not very concerned with their own self-health. Nonetheless, many a person has been saved by the selfless actions of a white-clad warrior rushing in to danger.

Tenets of Sacrifice

To the Paladins that swear the oath of Sacrifice, their tenets are as important as life itself.

Life: I shall only take an enemy's life if it’s a threat to innocents. I must save all I can and never sit idly while innocents die in vain.

Preserve: I shall save everyone I can to stop agony and preserve all life as it is.

Sacrifice: All life is important, but I shall not think twice before giving my own to save as many as I can. Martyrdom shall be thought before selfishness.

Greater Good: I will only sacrifice the few if it saves the many.

Repentance: I will pray for forgiveness every night for everyone whose lives I've cut short.

Oath spells
Paladin Level Spells
3rd Absorb Elements, Shield
5th Blur, Warding Bond
9th Haste, Spirit Guardians
13th Death Ward, Stoneskin
17th Wall of Force, Dispel Good and Evil

Channel Divinity

When you choose this Oath at 3rd level you gain access to the following Channel Divinity options:

  • Self Sacrifice

As a reaction to seeing an ally being attacked within 60 ft of you, you can use your Channel Divinity to swap places with that ally. This attack must use an attack roll to hit and can be magical or nonmagical. You may use this before or after the attack roll is announced, but before any damage is applied. In either circumstance the attack is carried out against your AC, and you take all damage of the attack (barring aside any immunities or resistances you have) if the attack hits.

  • Sanction

You can use your Channel Divinity to help your allies when they need to make a saving throw. As a reaction, you may add your proficiency bonus to the saving throws of any amount of allies within 60 ft who are in your line of sight up to your charisma modifier (minimum bonus of 1).

Aura of Sacrifice

Beginning at 7th level, you may choose to reduce any damage allies take within 10 ft of you by half. If you do so, the same damage they take is inflicted upon you. The damage inflicted onto you in this fashion cannot be reduced in any way. Any conditions or effects of the attack still apply to their original target. At 18th level, the aura's range increases to 30 ft and you can choose to adopt the extra conditions or effects of an affected attack in the original target's stead.

The Curse of Sacrifice

At 15th level, if an ally within 60 ft of you is to be targeted by a non-AOE spell, and you can see the caster, you can have the spell target you instead. You must decide to do this before the DM announces any effects or rolls of the spell, and you can use this feature up to 1 + your Charisma modifier (minimum of 1) amount of times per long rest.

Ultimate Sacrifice

At 20th level, you can sacrifice a grand portion of your life essence to wield unimaginable power. As an action, you can perform an Ultimate Sacrifice and obtain a new form for 1 minute. Once you use this ability, you cannot use it again until you complete a Long Rest. Once the form ends after a minute, you regain half of the HP you've lost during it. If you're knocked to 0 HP before the form ends, you instead regain no HP back, are unconscious (and still make death saving throws), and the form ends. While in this form you gain the following benefits:

  • Your current HP is halved. The HP you lose then coalesce into an additional pool of HP you can distribute. Upon initiating an Ultimate Sacrifice, you can bequeath any combination of HP from this pool to a maximum of 5 creatures within 60 ft of you. If you cannot expend all HP, or choose not to expend all HP, the remaining HP in the pool is lost and cannot be distributed.
  • Your HP Maximum is increased by 5 + your Charisma modifier (minimum of 1).
  • All your physical attacks are empowered with divine energy. You may add double your Strength modifier to any damage rolls you make.
  • You gain true sight vision up to 10 ft.
  • You reservoir of Lay on Hands replenish, and gains a range of 15 ft.
  • Your AC is increased by 1 for the duration of this form.
  • You give any resistances or immunities to types of damages and conditions you have to all allies within 30 ft of you.
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