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Oath of Peace[edit]

A paladin can take the Oath of Peace as a sacred oath when he or she reached 3rd level. The Oath of Peace means carrying the responsibility of keeping order and preventing unnecessary bloodshed. Sometimes called Peacekeepers, paladins who take this oath win their battles against evil by negotiation and treaties rather than mindless bloodshed. These paladins understand the divinity in a peaceful compromise and take it as their duty to ensure that bystanders are not caught in the crossfire of an avoidable battle

Tenets of Peace[edit]

The tenets of the Oath of Peace centralize the concept of protecting's the bystander's liberty and keeping order.
Preserve the Peace. Anywhere there is peace in the world, see to it that it does not get lost.
End Senseless Violence. Any fight without reason must be ended.
The Best Fight is the One Not Fought. If a conflict can be avoided, it must be avoided.
Protect the Bystander. No one should have to be punished for a conflict they had nothing to do with.

Oath Spells

You gain the following spells at the paladin levels listed.
3rd: command, sanctuary
5th: calm emotions, zone of truth
9th: mass healing word, sending
13th: compulsion, death ward
17th: geas, scrying

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