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Editor's Note

This is an optional Subclass for the Paladin Class.

I didn't feel that any of the available oaths were particularly well suited to a Paladin who wants to amass a massive pile of riches and property, so this came about.

The Sun Eater's Note: Hey, kids, have you ever performed Adam's capitalism at it's finest?... No?... Would you like to? >:)

Oath of Commerce[edit]

In a world of new growth and prosperity, a mind, dominated by the ideals of capital gain, begins to rise. He has always taken an unconventional approach to purchasing, never letting a good deal pass him by, and this has led him on a journey that will go down in history. His merchant background has given him an insatiable desire to accumulate vast amounts of gold and platinum to prove to himself, and his deity, that he is the most successful and brilliant trader of all time. The Oath of Commerce, taken by this prosperity-focused paladin, allows him to pave his way through life with a thick layer of money and power, allowing him to obtain an influence that no single trader has ever had before.

Tenets of Commerce[edit]

Generosity. Money makes the world go around. Help those in need so they could build their own capital one day and help the others.

Freedom. Do not seek control over the market nor let anyone establish protectionism over it. The freer the market - the freer the people.

Expansion. Constantly strive to build yourself, your business, and your influence.

Encouragement. Always seek new possibilities to build a better world through business and commerce.

Oath of Commerce Spells[edit]

Paladin Level Spells
3rd Charm person, Distort Value
5th Spiritual weapon, Suggestion
9th Aura of vitality, Motivational Speech
13th Banishment, Private sanctum
17th Legend lore, Modify memory

Channel Divinity[edit]

When you take this Oath at 3rd level, you gain the following two Channel Divinity options.

Peaceful Negotiations. You can use your channel of divinity to ease up the tension between parties. As a bonus action, you produce an effect analogical to "Calm Emotions" in the radius of 20 feet centered on yourself. This effect is not a concentration and it lasts for one minute. If a calmed creature inside this aura gets attacked or harmed by a spell, it will no longer be influenced by this channel of divinity effect for the next 24 hours.

Hope for the best. Whenever duty calls to protect the market and trade, one must expect things not to go right. As a reaction, you may bring up a single coin(that you must have in order to perform this channel of divinity) and focus it on a single creature you see within 60 feet that failed it's saving throw, attack roll or ability check, allowing the supernatural abilities of invisible market powers to shine coin's way right into the eyes of the creature. The creature then, inspired by lights of capital, may reroll it's dice, potentially turning failure into success. You see the results of both rolls and may choose which one to use.

Beacon of Freedom[edit]

You emit an aura that embodies the spirit of freedom. It fills the hearts of allies with determination to move forward whatever the troubles are. Starting at 7th level, while you're conscious, you and any friendly creatures within 10 feet of you are enveloped into an aura (almost similar to Anti-Magic Field's way to deal with summons), that suppresses the magical effects of getting stunned, restrained, put unconscious, petrified or paralyzed.

The spells and magical powers do not automatically fail because of this ability and are suppressed on the creature for as long as it's inside the aura.

If the creature was already under the effect of magical stun, restrain, unconsciousness, petrifying or paralyzing, it would get advantage on saving throws against said effects for as long as it is inside the aura.

For example, if your fellow comrade gets targeted by spell Hold Person whilst he's inside the aura, he will not need to do a saving throw as he's in the aura range. As soon as he gets out from the aura, he would immediately need to do the saving throw and if he fails he would get paralyzed. If you then get the comrade into your aura and stay near them, they would get advantage on the wisdom saving throws for as long as they're inside the aura.

At 18th level, the range of this effect increases to 30 feet.

Deal With Death[edit]

From 15th level, you've gained some influence over Death itself, allowing you to bargain over souls of your comrades. You can allow any allies within 20 feet to treat a failed death saving throw as if it were a success by using a free action. You may use this ability times equal to your charisma modifier. The usages of this ability restore after long rest.

Protector of Capitalist Ideals[edit]

At 20th level, you are known throughout the land as the paragon of commerce. You have links and ties all throughout the continent, particularly trade connections, that you can use to great advantage.

Whenever you are dealing with merchants, if you are purchasing an item, you can choose to use your influence to haggle the price down near perfectly to 50% of the item's value. After performing this action on the merchant, you need to wait another 7 days to do it again on them.

Using an action, you may declare your foe "The Menace", giving your allies advantage on all saving throws and attacks against a designated target for one minute. Effect lasts for as long as you are conscious or until one minute passes. Once this feature is used, you must take a long rest before using it again

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