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Weapon Feats: Feats that affect the way you use weapons, as opposed to attacks in general.

D&D 3e Feats

Feat Prerequisites Summary

D&D 3.5e Feats

Feat Prerequisites Summary
Net Master (3.5e Feat) Proficiency with using the net as a weapon. You are an expert in the use of the fighting net. You know how to throw the net to increase its effect on a victim, and you are skilled at controlling the movements of your victim.

D&D 5e Feats

Feat Prerequisites Summary
Alchemical Artillerist (5e Feat) You have specialized in the numerous dangerous chemicals at the alchemist’s fingertips.
Expeditious Alchemy (5e Feat) Proficiency with alchemist's tools You can produce alchemical items much more quickly than normal.

d20M Feats

Feat Prerequisites Summary

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