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This page contains a list of all base classes transcribed from professionally-published OGC publications.

5e Classes

Name Type Description
Alchemist (5e Class)
Feywalker (5e Class) Mysterious warriors that drink deeply in the mysticism of feykind to access unbelievable powers.
Noble (5e Class) Social, Support Highborn members of the upper class who use their social standing and leadership ability on and off the battlefield.
Occultist (5e Class) people who have become the dark things that stalk in the night, empowered by mystical rituals, unnatural science, or otherworldly forces

3.5e Classes

Name Type Description
Barbarian of the North (3.5e Class) Combat-Focused Members of a small clan of barbarians living amongst the frozen steppes.
Bounty Hunter (3.5e Class) Combat-Focused A combat-focused hunter for hire, skilled in tracking down and apprehending his humanoid prey.
Investigator (3.5e Class) Skilled, Investigative An investigator is a character who specializes in finding people, objects or information.

3e Classes

Name Type Description

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