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Adventuring Gear: Miscellaneous mundane items that can be of use to a variety of adventurers — from survival gear to restraints and everything in between.

D&D 3.5e Adventuring Gear

Adventuring Gear Price Weight
Ball and Chain (3.5e Equipment) 10 gp + 1 gp/10 lbs. 20 to 70 lbs.
Iron Hands (3.5e Equipment) 30 gp 6 lbs.
Leather Gag (3.5e Equipment) 3 gp 1 lb.
Mithral Rope (3.5e Equipment) 100 gp/50 ft. 12 lbs.

D&D 5e Adventuring Gear

Adventuring Gear Price Weight
Alchemical Torch (5e Equipment) 25 gp 1 lb.
Facemold Paste (5e Equipment) 50 gp. 1 lb.
Glacial Effector (5e Equipment) 100 gp. 1 lb.
Gun Kit (5e Equipment) 25 gp. 3 lb.
Midnight Dust (5e Equipment) 75 gp. 2 lbs.
Powder Flask (5e Equipment) 1 sp. 1 lb.
Rest (5e Equipment) 5 gp. 2 lb.
Smoke Bomb (5e Equipment) 100 gp. 3 lbs.
Sparksprig (5e Equipment) 75 gp. 2 lbs.
Triangular Bayonet (5e Equipment) 5 gp. 1 lb.

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