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Nuka-Cola Addiction [Generic]

You've become addicted to Nuka-Cola!
Prerequisite: Drink 20 bottles of Nuka-Cola within 1 day and fail a Fort save DC 15.
Benefit: None! Congrats you are now an addict and get to enjoy all the benefits of trying to find more Nuka-Cola to sate your craving for Nuka-Cola. You will go to any lengths to obtain more Nuka-Cola, lie, cheat, steal and maybe even kill. To resist doing something to obtain more Nuka-Cola you must succeed at a Will save DC 10 +1/Day you've gone without Nuka-Cola. If you do not consume at least one bottle of Nuka-Cola in a 24 hour period you will suffer from withdrawal symptoms. Do to the lack of stimulation that Nuka-Cola provides you are -2 to initiative, perception and any task the requires focus.
Normal: This is not a feat you choose but rather a effect of having consumed way to much Nuka-Cola.
Special: Not consuming any Nuka-Cola for 15 days allows a Will save DC 20. If successful you are on the road to recovery, after another 10 days make a Will save DC 15 if successful you are no longer addicted.

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