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"When outlined only by the night sky the wearer of this cloak seems almost to disappear, only through close inspection will one notice that, while both show a perfect image of a night sky, they do not show the same one. This large cloak is the same shape as a normal mages cloak yet instead of fabric, seems to be made out of a piece of the night sky itself. Stars glitter faintly while one can occasionally see meteors or other debris glide slowly across the cloak as if looking through a screen, the entire cloak appears to give a sense of incredible depth as if one could reach into it for an eternity."


First appearing on the back of a rogue mercenary who went on to destroy a nation, this cloaks origins are shrouded in as much mystery as its wearers. Many have theorised it may be a window into a pocket universe or even an entirely different part of our own torn from the heavens by some great power, though as of yet none have been able to prove there theory's. It is currently believed to be lost somewhere within the nine hells its previous wearer having fallen during a great battle between angelic and demonic forces. Both sides have scoured the battlefields relentlessly for it resulting in more than one brief and bloody skirmish.


In basic appearance Nox is a large cloak that reaches all the way to its wearers feet and includes a hood and face mask so as to allow them anonymity, this is of course spoiled by the cloaks seeming infinite depth and galaxies gliding across it. To any looking at the wearer it is as if seeing a literal piece of the night sky in the form of a cloak, this slowly alternates between a number of perspectives seeming to stare out at a wholly different sky. This makes the wearer effectively invisible to any looking up at her should she be flying on a cloudless, moonless night.

Nox is in fact not a window but a door, whether to a different universe or our own is uncertain. What is known is that should its wearer wish they can open this door for brief periods of time as well as bending the dimension shaping magic used to create it around themselves so as to change their form. Once a round the wearer can choose to ignore an attack, this must be announced after a hit is confirmed but before damage is rolled. This also affects spells that do damage as well as any components of a spell which do damage, it has no effect on mind-affecting magic or effects that don't directly cause damage. The wearer can also as a quickened action take the form of any creature with which they are familiar, they can also add up to one template with which they are also familiar. Eg a pseudonatal dire badger, so long as they aware of pseudonatals and dire badgers. The wearer can't become anything which has more HD than half their ECL and keeps all they're mental ability scores while assuming the new forms physical ones. When transformed all the wearers possessions are absorbed into their body including Nox, they return to their original form if killed. This otherwise acts as a special form of the alter self ability.

Whenever the wearer chooses to ignore an attack they expose those around them to the vacuum of space for a split-second, this instantly sucks all air from within a 15ft radius. Those within this are left breathless and suffer asphyxiation for 1 round, if used on consecutive rounds the area grows by 15ft every time and shrinks by 30ft every round it is not used. The wearer is immune to asphyxiation so long as they wear Nox's facemask. Should the wearer wish they can also will the door to stay open, this causes the area within 50ft to instantly become a vacuum growing by 75ft for every round the door is left open. This causes everything within 5ft to be sucked into the door should they fail their fortitude save (DC 35), the danger area to be sucked in increases by 25ft as well as increasing the DC by 15 for every consecutive round its open. A being can be sucked through Nox regardless of size however, at least one third of their body must be in the danger area to be sucked in (though forcing one universe sized entity inside another may not end well). Any being sucked through should be treated as entering one of 9 random spots in deep space which are determined by the DM, unless the creature has some means of rapidly returning or surviving in a vacuum they are unlikely to survive this.

Nox is essentially just a door between places so destroying it isn't believed to be possible, it can however be pulled through itself. To do this one must wear Nox and will the door to stay open, they must then 'fold' the cloak into itself causing it to pass through itself into whatever place it showed. Whether this is just a view of space from a long way away or another universe entirely is unknown, whatever it is, doing this makes getting getting Nox back near impossible without some means of space travel.

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