Nox, Mother of Night (3.5e Demonic Pacts)

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Nox, Mother of Night[edit]

  • Level: 3
  • Binding DC: 20


Nox is the Demoness who is thought to have made the stars in the night sky from the hearts of the angelic creatures she has slain. Her throne lies on the moon, which followers believe is a giant heart that she tore from a gods chest. She is also believed to have a major role in the creation of were-beast, vampires, and other night-based monsters.


A solid white light blinds you for a moment, and you ready yourself for a fight. Moments pass before you are able to open your eyes and see clearly. You have figured that, if you were attacked, you'd be dead already. As your eyes open and adjust to the extra light, you see a beautiful.... well, you can only guess angel. Missing the trademark wings, she is no less graceful or beautiful than your guess. Her eyes sparkle as if they were the night sky themselves, her skin is nearly as pale as the moon, her hair seems to be made of silk and moves as if in water. She is dressed in a light white layer of cloth, easily showing her well-toned body underneath. Her stomach is uncovered, as well as her legs below the middle of her thigh and her arms. Her teeth seem to be stars themselves, as they glow when she smiles at you. You can only gaze in amazement at this angelic woman.


Your hair (or fur) turns silver while your skin (if you have it) becomes pale for your race.


You seemed to be attracted to night-based monsters and must use a will save, DC 10+CR rounded down, or be stunned for 1d2 rounds. Your actions seem less physically taxing at night and more physically taxing during the day time.

Granted Abilities[edit]

Mass Flare: As flare, but on every creature with eyes in a 25ft.+5ft./2levels circle. You are also immune to flare and flare-like abilities.

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