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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: A thin crown with a dying rose wrapped around it.
Home Plane: Material Plane
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Beauty, Fame, Lies, Trickery, and Deception
Clergy Alignments: C/G, C/N, C/E, N, N/E, L/N and L/E
Domains: Trickery, Fame, Beauty, and Deception
Favored Weapon: Dagger
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More information...

Norilil is described as a beautiful succubus with distinct scars; one running down her left eye, another across the top right corner of her nose to the bottom left corner of her nose and the last one lays across the right part of her lips. Most people make up stories of why she's the goddess of what she is. The general idea of the story is, is that she was the wife of a very powerful, and well liked king. But as time went on she slowly corrupted him into doing her bidding, but making sure that the people of the kingdom thought it was the kings idea and making her seem like an innocent victim in the relationship. The kingdom's economy then started to fail quickly, to which everyones responce would thus be to kill the king.

With the king dead Norilil took over the throne, she worked up the economy back to it's former state, thus continually getting the kingdom's respect. She secretly started working for enemy kingdoms, getting them to start a world war with the small kingdom, telling them how easy it would be to take over. Following what she did with the first, Norilil over took every kingdom in the land and when the day came to start world war, she vanished leaving the lands to battle without leadership. He only remains are the crowns she got from the kingdoms she ruled and a dead rose wrapped around the crown.


Norilil loves the aspect of duping people. She also loves the beautiful and famous. She expects her followers to do as she does, pure evil trickery. But the one thing that she loves is when her followers dress up as her, which most do. She finds it as an ugly and hilarious comparison to her beautiful self.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Most of her followers are Bards and Rogues. Mostly because they love her terribly saddistic story. Other Followers would include Gnomes, Elves, few Humans, and evil women.

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