Noble Salamander and Iron Golem (3.5e Encounter)

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Encounter: Noble Salamander and Iron Golem[edit]

  • CR 14 (CR:15 in the Elemental Plane of Fire though you may want to forgo this because the group will be protected against fire and, thus, prepared.)
  • Integration Good for a Noble Salamander's lair in the Elemental Plane of Fire
  • Prep Time 20 min. Read over the fire related synergy and the Iron Golem's weaknesses
  • Play Time Not sure yet


Noble Salamanders are master blacksmiths and also tend to be very wealthy. It is not uncommon for these wealthy creatures to want to protect their wealth by purchasing an Iron Golem. They usually have their lairs in the Elemental Plane of Fire.



The Noble Salamander will try to hide down a corridor with the Iron Golem blocking the way. He will cast Wall of Fire where the golem stands, which lasts 15 rounds (2d4 fire damage, 8 + 1d4 in the Elemental Plane of Fire). On the next round, the salamander releases a Flaming Sphere in the same location (2d6 fire damage, 12 + 1d6 in the Elemental Plane of Fire). The salamander also has reach.

A group that uses ranged tactics will often be met head on instead. The Noble Salamander will cast Wall of Fire and Fireball directly into the fray while just going plain crazy with the golem trying to grapple down spellcasters first.

More often than not, the salamander's lair has a trap planted in order to fight small groups of invaders, however. This trap will close up a wall behind the PCs in a corridor and then the golem and salamander will have the group effectively pinned against a wall.


Double Standard (non flammable), 5000 lbs. of iron :P.

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