Noble's Cape (4e Equipment)

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Noble's Cape Level 4+ Uncommon
This blood red cape is a marking of high status in society.
Level 4 +1 840 gp Level 19 +4 105,000 gp
Level 9 +2 4,200 gp Level 24 +5 525,000 gp
Level 14 +3 21,000 gp Level 29 +6 2,625,000 gp

Item Slot: Neck
Enhancement: Fortitude, Reflex and Will
♦ You gain a +2 bonus to bluff, diplomacy and intimidate checks.
Power (Charm) ♦ Daily (Free Action)
You gain a single +4 bonus to bluff, diplomacy or intimidate checks for a single roll. You must choose to use the power before rolling.

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