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And, BOOM goes the Dynamite.

Description: An improvised explosive made by adding Acid to Glycerin, which can in turn be used to make a variety of different explosives.

Use: A single flask of Nitroglycerin can be hurled at an opponent to deal 3d6 points of fire damage to all opponents in a 5 ft. radius. Alternatively, it can be used to make a variety of weapons (see below). A successful Reflex Save (DC 10) halves this damage, as well as damage from the explosives.

Nail Bomb[edit]

A Nail Bomb is a wicked fragmentation explosive that deals the indicated damage from Nitroglycerin, as well as 1d8 points of Piercing damage to all opponents in the affected area. Creating a Nail Bomb costs the amount needed for the Nitroglycerin, and an additional 3 cp for the nails and container. Nail Bombs weigh 1-1/2 pounds.

Gate Crasher[edit]

A Gate Crasher is designed to blast a hole in a wall big enough for creatures of its size. A Gate Crasher ignores any hardness less than 10 and deals its indicated nitroglycerin damage to the object. After it has been used, a Gate Crasher creates an opening large enough for a creature of its size to pass through (so, a Medium Gate Crasher makes room for a Medium creature). Creating a Gate Crasher costs the amount needed for the Nitroglycerin, as well as 30 gp for the metal casing, the water, and the barrier that keeps the water and the nitroglycerin separate. A Gate Crasher weighs 10 pounds.

Land Mine[edit]

A land mine is a trap operated by a trip-wire. When the wire is tripped, the mine explodes, dealing the indicated Nitroglycerin damage. In addition, the target must make a reflex save (DC 10) or have his or her speed halved until he or she receives at least 1 point of magical healing, or until a DC 15 Heal check is applied. Land mines cost an additional 2 gp for the wire and the other materials needed to set it up. A land mine weighs 1 lb.

Making Nitroglycerin[edit]

Nitroglycerin is a three-step process. First, an alchemist needs to create Acid. Second, to make the Glycerin, an Alchemist needs to perform a successful craft (Soapmaking) check (DC 12). The resulting byproduct is the Glycerin. Next, care must be taken on the Alchemy check (DC 16) when mixing the acid with the Nitroglycerin. Failure means the Acid reacts too quickly with the Glycerin and explodes, with the same effect as if it had been used as a weapon.

Nitroglycerin's Stability[edit]

Nitroglycerin is very, very unstable. If the device holding it ever takes more than 2 points of damage, there is a 50% chance that it will explode.

Cost: Nitroglycerin costs 47gp. per flask

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