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The Nine Gem Full Plate[edit]


The Nine Gem Full Plate is a suit of Full plate armor that fits to its wearer, it has nine slots on the front of it about the size of a fist, it appears a luminous white with none of the slots filled. The Nine Gem Full Plate had nine indestructible gems that fit the armor each gem is a different color and offers a different power to the armors wearer. With each color attached the armor takes on a metallic shine of the combinations of colors attached.


The Nine Gem Full Plate Full's stats change based on its gem count.

The Nine Gems[edit]

Gems AC Max Dex Armor Check Arcane Spell Failure Speed: 30'/20' Weight Description
Red +2 -15 lb. A deep pulsing ruby that adds a +2 Enhancement bonus to STR
Orange +1 An orange gem that has a swirling orange center that adds a +2 Enhancement bonus to Dex
Yellow +2 A cloudy yellow gem that adds a +2 Enhancement to Con
Green A deep green gem that adds Tremor Sense
Blue +1 +5' A Light blue gem that adds a Lay on Hands effect equal to the wearers HD x2, if the White gem is attached this goes up to HD x4, if the black gem is attached it can be in Negative or Positive energy
Indigo +2 A vibrant indigo gem that adds Energy Resistance to Cold 15
Violet +1 -15 lb. A clear translucent violet gem that adds Energy Resistance to Electricity 15
White +2 +5' A solid white gem that adds Energy Resistance to Fire 15
Black -25% A Solid black gem that adds Spell Resistance equal to the wearers HD
Full 12 AC +4 Max Dex -2 Penalty 15% Arcane Failure 30'/25' 20 lb.

The Full portion is the complete stats of the armor without the bonus from the description column. It should be noted that if your base speed is 30' with all the gems your speed is not reduced or increased, if your base speed is 20' with all the gems it ends up being 25' total.

The gems are drawn to the armor, if they are held in a place for more then a year without being moved they disappear. No one knows where they go or how they get there, but they always appear again in some horde or bazaar.

The white and black gems are both semi intelligent, they are objects and not effected by any mental or compulsion effect, they have no emotion or will other then to flee from wearers of the armor that they deem unfit.


This armor's origin is unknown, at some point in the Second Age with none of its gems in place it was found in a tomb being raided by Sarosian troops, they were hunting for treasure and vampires but found neither, on the way out a man stumbled upon a secret hatch, inside was a treasure chamber full of old gold coins and a shrine to this armor. The gems were in the haul of coinage but the captain of the grave robbers was not aware of them, he wore the armor home and sold off the gems.

Over time the armor was bought as sold as a relic of ages past, though it was magic people assumed it was because of its unique appearance, however a sage eventually discovered the armor in a bazaar and bought it up because he had two of the gems, he knew they were indestructible and an oddity from the First Age, he knew their shape like he knew the sky was blue so when he got home and the gems seemed to fuse into the armor he nearly died of a heart attack but he did stammer backwards and fall down some stairs. Here a Sarosian bureaucrat seized the armor and brought it to the royal magicians who determined its power and lore. Figby spent many yeas searching for the armor's gems, he never found all of them, the black and white gems always alluded him. It seemed as if they were intelligent and were fleeing from him.

In the Third Age the armor was lost in Figby's flight from Sarosia, some say its aboard his golden airship, other say its in Saros' tomb, the white and black gems have surfaced a few times as well as the green and blue leading many to believe someone found and destroyed the armor.

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