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The Nimori are a people of rigid social structure and a profound adherence to tradition. They are an industrious and efficient people considered by many to be excessively rigid, cold, and intimidating, though this belies a general open acceptance of other cultures, great reverence for cultural traditions tempered and forged over centuries.

Physical Description[edit]

The Nimori are considered by many civilized races to be both intimidating and gracefully beautiful. As a species they are very tall, most often reaching or exceeding six feet in height, though females are taller than males on average.

They are often considered similar to elves due to their long faces and pointed ears, though their ears are small, unlike a typical elf, and they have eyes with slitted pupils and a nictating membrane, much like a lizard or cat. Their skin is peach colored, though very pale, and translucent enough to reveal the veins underneath.

Their bodies are very slim and long, and, though their appearance might suggest frailty, they have exceptionally dense bones and muscle. Their hair is more often than not an indicator of societal class, with the poorest of their kind bearing no hair on their head at all.


Though they adhere strictly to their own cultural precedents, the Nimori are a respectful people who share a respectful and diplomatic relationship with most other species. They have a healthy reverence for the cultural traditions of others and, like many, hold all life sacred.

The Nimori are largely male, with females being considerably rare and highly revered. This respect for women is often translated into their interactions with other species.


The Nimori are almost always lawful, and may be anything from good to evil. A few might tend toward neutrality, but none have ever been of a chaotic nature.


Nimori originate from a world of steppes and plains known as Nagamori. They are among the handful of races that have achieved space-travel and have inhabited and mined many uninhabited worlds relatively near their own.


The Nimori believe in a deity known as the Great Mother. Their religion states that the Great Mother birthed the entirety of the cosmos and so all of creation is to be respected as kindred to the Great Mother. Their religious leaders and saints are known as Daughters of the Mother, and, accordingly, motherhood is considered the highest of all honors.


The Nimori speak their own language of Mori, though they are capable of learning any other, and are often well versed in Common Crosbhothanan.


Racial Traits[edit]

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Nimori Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
15 years +1d4 +1d6 +2d6
Table: Nimori Aging Effects
Middle Age1 Old2 Venerable3 Maximum Age
35 years 53 years 70 years +(2d20) years
  1. At middle age, −1 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, Cha.
  2. At old age, −2 to Str, Dex, and Con; +2 to Int, Wis, Cha.
  3. At venerable age, −3 to Str, Dex, and Con; +3 to Int, Cha.
Table: Copii Ale Soarelui Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 5' 0" +2d12 110 lb. × (2d4) lb.
Female 5' 8" +2d12 120 lb. × (2d4) lb.

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