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The Newidyn (Plural: Newidi)[edit]



Newidyn on average grow to be around 5 feet and 2 inches tall. That is six feet shorter than the average human. Newidyn tend not to vary too much in height and the tallest recorded Newidyn was 5"10 feet tall, whilst the shortest Newidyn was 4'4”. (Height Table shown at bottom.)


due to there meek physique, Newidyn are quite light, and on average they weigh around 8 stone. Which is around 50 kilograms. The weight of the Newidyn can vary due to his physique and height.


The Newidyn starts off aging at the same rate as humans, until they reach the age of 16. At this point, there aging seems to slow down until the point that when they are the equivalent of a middle-aged human they do not seem to age at all. It is therefore believed that Newidyn cannot physically die of old age.

This may not seem clear, so here is a simple way to put it. They range young adulthood at the age of 16, I consider this to be a teenager but one which is capable of taking care of themselves.

They then reach actually Adulthood when they become 32, this is when they have matured and they are considered to be true adult, they are still fairly young for a Newidyn though.

When they are 55, They are considered to be middle aged. Meaning they have both fully matured and most likely found there mate and had children at this point.

When they reach the age of 90. They will be considered an elder, even though there physical and mental abilities are most likely unhindered. Belong this they do not seem to age at all.


There is exceptions to this of course, first of all thieves and spies will tend to wear much less since they can use there scales to blend in with the environment better. Another example is the Special forces, which instead use there scales to gain the element of surprise on there enemies. Yet the Newidyn culture and religious beliefs keep them from venturing nude.

The military garments is often studded leather armour above there normal clothes. Since the Newidyn focus more on a dexterous and movement based combat style and technique.

Physical Description[edit]

Naturally most Newidyn are slim and nimble, but also quite weak in terms of strength. They still have a powerful biting power, with the 36 barbed teeth that they use mainly for tearing away at meat and bones without difficulty, although Newidyn teeth are not quite as large as those of Lizardfolk. They can easily grow back there teeth if they are removed in some way. Newidyn have legs which can pack quite a definite punch, which, placed with there Dexterity, makes it there most dangerous natural weapon. A martially trained Newidyn can easily defeat any opponent using only there legs. Newidyn have a long tail to help with balance, which is a key thing for them, which is around 2 and a half feet long. Due to there posture, the Newidyn make it a habit not to drag there tails along the floor.

Although a Newidyn can change the colour of there scales, they will always have a default colour which they will refer back to when they are not intentionally using there 'colour-changing' ability. This colour tends to range from a pale light blue to a very light grey due to the environment they tend to live in. It is not unheard of however for a Newidyn's default scale colour to differentiate from this.

Newidyn scales are both quite small and quite smooth, which allows for them to swim and move around quite well, this however means that the scales offer less in terms of natural armour, making it far easier for a Newidyn to be harmed. Unlike Lizardfolk, Newidyn rarely have any manner of horns, Frills, quills, webbing or spikes at all.

To Newidyns, the gender of there people is easily distinguishable, but to other races, this can prove a daunting task. A newidyn can determine the gender of another Newidyn simply by there scent. Although the males tend to be slightly more muscular, it doesn't really show. The only way for an outsider to distinguish the gender of a Newidyn is to ask. Newidyn have sexual equality in there culture.

I suppose that if you considered all Lizardfolk to looking quite masculine and strong, due to there bulky physique and tall height then the Newidyn would look feminine and refined compared to them, due to there meek and slim physique and shortened height.


The Newidyn are a rare and mysterious race. Alot of people may not have even heard of them and may just have assumed them a myth. They have always tended to keep themselves hidden from the influences outside there culture. These Creatures have always tended to be quite small compared to there larger cousins and have developed a more civilised and intelligible culture. A Newidyn looks quite unusual for its appearance, with its naturally white scales and smooth scales. Newidyn are known for caring for there family and young and rarely fight amongst themselves. A Newidyn can implement the element of surprise very well so usually there targets don't even suspect there presense.


A Newidyn prefers to avoid contact with other races. But will not go out of there way to hide or to flee, most of the time they will simply show they are not interested in the new faces and if they want to talk that is fine to them. Newidi are unusually smart and sneaky for a reptilian race. When they don't want to talk to travellers they will quite often simply pretend that they do not know the common language, or simply walk away. The Newidi have there own language, which is spoken very quickly, generally the Newidi prefer not to converse with other races as a whole, but will still get to know individuals, although they are Xenophobic, this doesn't mean they don't enjoying showing off there colour-changing abilities to travellers every once in a while.


The Newidi worship a god called 'Gyflae' which means 'Enlightener'. The Newidi believe that there colour changing ability is a blessing from Gyflae. The Newidi believe that, by being one of the smaller reptilian races they believe that they are looked over more. They also believe themselves better without contamination or mingling with and from the other races. There are numerous festivals which they use to highlight themselves as well as the god 'Gyflae'. The most note-worthy is 'Enlightenment Day', which celebrates the day when they became blessed. but also from the cage which they had built themselves. They celebrate this by stopping the mines and the farms and instead eating and drinking the food of kings. Newidi have a unique ritual for the dead, they will take on there default colour and say a prayer, which always ends in the phase 'May he be redeemed by his Wisdom, Justice and Love' (this is said in 'Newid', language of the Newidi).


As a whole, Newidyn tend to keep themselves Isolated from other races. The majority of people may not even know they actually exist. Sure they will be stories and myths about them, but due to how they keep there culture being quite secretive from other races, not that many people will have seen them. People are more likely to know about Newidyn due to there travelers or adventurers, when outside there own culture. Newidi are quite sociable to members of the same race.


Newidyn are Omnivores with a taste for fruit. The Newidyn favour juicy fruits ranging from apples to melons to oranges. They do however still have a passion for meats, in fact Fish is well enjoyed by the Newidi. The Newidi do not eat Wheat, since they tend to be quite badly allergic to it.


Newidyns respect the law and have quite decent morality as a race, making them tend towards the lawful alignment. To each other they are a highly social race and as a whole they would be regarded as good aligned. The only anomaly occurs when there Xenophobia kicks in, generally they are not racist, but as a whole they prefer there solitude well as there own people. Newidian's travelers tend to be charismatic and light-hearted.


Usually, Newidi will only ever have one mate in there lifetime. They will often share with each other precious gemstones and will defend there honour no matter what. A Newidyn always see there mate as there most important aspect and will often die protection them. When the mate of a Newidyn dies, the Newidyn will quite often leave a mark on there scales in remembrance of them, they will then not have another Mate. This aspect is of true-love and loyalty to your partner is a crucial part of there religion and culture.


Although the Newidyn are cold blooded they have adapted to live in a cold environment by learning to minimize there movement. This does mean however that a Newidyn is incredibly energetic and bouncy in a warmer climate, especially a Desert or Jungle. A Newidi may live in the Jungle for both the challenge and the tropical heat. Its not the cold the Newidi like about the mountains, it is the solitudes.


The Newidi are one of few Reptilian races to have developed there own language. The Newidyn language, which is called Newid, is in fact a hybrid language, using a mix of the letters and runic symbols used in The Human language and the Draconic language, consisting of what can be perceived as a series of both spokens words and letters as well as clicks. The Newid language is in fact written right to left, rather than left to right using a mixture of letters from Draconic and Common.

Racial Abilities (Ruling)[edit]

Colour-changing ability[edit]

the sole ability exclusive to the Newidyn from other Reptilians, A Newidyn may adopt up to three different colours on there scales at the same time, which may help them to hide or make themselves more exotically appealing. A Newidyn does however have to be concentrating on this ability else there scales will simply refer back to there natural colour, which is often a very light grey. Changing the colour of the scales all across there body takes around 6 seconds (a full round action) and a Newidyn can choose to only change the colour of there scales on specific parts of there body as well, of which the time to change the colour will be considerably shorter. For example, if they were to just change the colours of there scales on one of there hands, it would only take a couple of seconds in real time.

This ability is not to be confused with how a chameleon blends in, a chameleon changes colour in correspondence to there mood, whilst a Newidyn does it at will to change into the colour which they intend, this may be to stand out more or to blend in.

This race favours those who are creative with this particular ability and with the right DM, creative use may be rewarded with circumstantial bonuses as well as better situational outcome. A couple of examples of how you could potentially use this ability follow. Hiding yourself (Hide), Disguising yourself (Disguise), making yourself look more exotically appealing (Diplomacy), as a method of communication. Im sure there are many more ways of using this ability by thinking outside the box. However, remember that this is all at your DM's discretion.

Limb Regrowth[edit]

Newidyn can regrow there limbs to an extent. If the limb is cut off below, a Newidyn will naturally grow it back, although this takes a long time for them to do. If for example a finger or toe was chopped off, they would regrow it in the length of 2 weeks. Same time if all fingers were removed. If for example a Newidyn lost up to there elbow or knee. This would take around 16 weeks to re-heal. If they lost an arm or leg entirely, they would regrow it across 32 weeks. Magic can speed up this process by considerable rates depending on the skill of the mage. He Newidyn can regrow all limbs, including there tail.


Male Names: Niar, Yarka, Advy. Female Names: Sio, Gywn, Lia.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • -2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence. The Newidyn are meek and thin, which allows for swift actions and acrobatics skills in the place of the usual Reptilian brawn. Despite been a race which prefers Solitude, the Newidyn are still suprisingly smart and civil. Making them actually quite intelligent. Furthermore, due to the nature of there natural ability they have a tendency for creativity and thinking outside of the box.
  • Humanoid (Reptilian)
  • Medium - The Newidi do not gain benefits or flaws from there size.
  • A Newidyn's base land speed is 30 feet.
  • Colour Changing(Sp): A Newidyn can change the colour of there scales freely at will. A Newidyn gains an additional +4 to Hide, Bluff and other Stealth-linked checks when they actively use there colour changing ability. In addition, creative use of this ability may favor circumstantial bonuses from the DM. This stacks with any other modifiers, See section above.
  • Limb Regrowth(Sp): A Newidyn can naturally grow back there limbs over a long duration of time. See Section above.
  • Keen Senses: A Newidyn is used to having to to aware of there surroundings, they gain a +2 to perception checks (Spot, Listen and Search checks)
  • Natural Swimmers: Like most other Reptilian races, Newidi have a knack for swimming. A Newidyn as a +2 to all swim checks.
  • well balanced: Due to their tail, A Newidyn can retain there balance more firmly. This gives a +2 to all balance checks.
  • Natural Attacks: A Newidyn gets a 1D4 Bite attack.
  • Automatic Languages: Newidi, Common Bonus Languages: Draconic, Elven, Aquan, Terran.
  • Favored Class: Rogue, Ranger, Bard or Wizard
  • Level Adjustment: +1

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Newidi Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
15 years +1D4 +2D4 +3D4
Table: Newidi Aging Effects
Middle Age1
50 years
  1. At middle age, −1 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
  2. At old age, −2 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
Table: Newidi Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height
Male 4'2"
Female 4'2"

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