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Nevervoid's Stride[edit]

These traveler's boots appear to be average boots, however they adjust their size to fit any wearer, and feel like they aren't there. Those who learn of their dark past, unlock the boots power, giving them speed and flight.

Non-legacy game statistics: These boots give the wearer a 10ft circumstance bonus to speed, and the wearer may walk at full speed through rough terrain.

Omen: When worn, these boots appear to evaporate into a dark mist, vaguely resembling the original boots. They are easily removed, and when they are, they revert to looking like normal boots.


Pernt liked to fight. There was no denying that. He was a little over zealous, and that generally got him into trouble. One day, when he was about 19, he was in a bar, in a rough neighborhood. He was going on and on about the problems with the world, and a band of half-orcs had had enough. They beat him nearly to death, and threw him out into the plains outside of town. As he lay there recovering, or waiting for the cold embrace of death, he started having delusions. An impossible darkness waited around every corner, behind every tree. He was lucky to have his ring of sustenance, or he would have died in those weeks. Before he was able to walk again, he started crawling along, trying to get back to a town. When he saw a town in the distance, he thought he was safe. Before he made it there, the darkness loomed all around. He'd never been here, but he recalled its nature from his dreams. he knew this was Nevervoid. (DC 15, The Dark Surrounding)

His experience in fighting, coupled with his dreams, made him fairly confident in that blackness. That's not to say he wasn't scared, just that he wasn't panicking. He was brought to a halt suddenly by a man appearing out of the darkness. The man was wearing normal traveler's clothes, and a hooded cape which concealed his face. He offered Pernt a job, the kind of job no-one just refuses. After he accepted, the darkness was gone, and Pernt was left standing in the plain, wearing Nevervoid's Stride. His job was clear, convert the masses, and what better place to practice conversion than in a small town. It wasn't difficult to convert that town, a quick show of magic, proof of his abilities and they were all bowing down to him. This was the first step to his empire, and he would be sure not to let it go to waste. (DC 20, Everyone Begins Somewhere)

The small town sold their worldly possessions in order to buy enough food and equipment to follow Pernt wherever he went. He needed more influence, one small town wasn't enough. He and his cult moved to Arendia, slowly, so as to not be conspicuous. When he finally got himself into the city, he found that his followers had intuitively done and started converting people, carefully, so as to not anger the other more accepted religions. His followers became teachers, barmen, and other socially based jobs. They also went out helping the homeless, by converting them and having them work at building the underground chapel. Pernt held sermons every week, carefully wording them to keep his followers close. He named himself Nevervoid's Speaker, and deemed it the responsibility of the masses to accept the darkness, and reject the light. That statement started the simple acts of dousing torches, building underground houses, and nocturnal life. Many of his followers became fire-fighters, seeing fire as the enemy. Pernt realized that nocturnal life would eventually get his cult eradicated, so he stated that fear of the light allows it to rule you. This was a revelation, as many people started going out at daytime once again. As such, anyone could be a Nevervoid Cultist, and the cult has a strangle hold on the city of Arendia.(DC 30, Light in the Dark)

Legacy Rituals[edit]

Three rituals are required to unlock all the abilities of Nevervoid's Stride.

The Dark Surrounding: You must go to a plain, in the land around a small village an enact a ritual in reverence to Nevervoid. Cost: 1,500gp. Feat Granted: Least Legacy (Nevervoid's Stride).

Everyone Begins Somewhere: You must learn of the beginings of the cult of Nevervoid. To do this you must gain 1 rank in Knowledge (local) and Knowledge (The Planes). Cost: 13,000gp. Feat Granted: Lesser Legacy (Nevervoid's Stride).

Light in the Dark: You must go to Arendia and survive for at least one week without any light source. Then you must spend another week always having some light source. Cost: 40,000gp. Feat Granted: Greater Legacy (Nevervoid's Stride)

Table: Nevervoid's Stride

Level Attack Penalty Single Save Penalty Hit Point Loss Abilities
5th - - - See Invisibility
6th -1 - - Speed Enhancement +5
7th - -1 2 -
8th - - 2 Speed Enhancement +10
9th - -2 - -
10th - - 2 Obscuring Mist
11th - - - Cunning
12th -2 - - -
13th - - - -
14th - - 2 Evasion
15th - -3 - Darkvision
16th - - 2 Passwall
17th - - - -
18th -3 - - Ethereal Jaunt
19th - - - Dimension Door
20th - -4 - Plane Shift

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