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Nevervoid's Protector[edit]

Nevervoid's Protector is a Chain Shirt made from dark steel. It draws light from the surrounding area, as if trying to corrupt the world.

Nonlegacy Game Statistics: +1 Chainshirt; Cost 1250gp. When wearing Nevervoid's Protector you gain darkvision out to 30 ft. The wearer also gains a +1 circumstance bonus to resist fear effects.

Omen: Nevervoid's Protector sparks black lightning when worn by an evil character, and white lightning when worn by a good character. While not damaging, this lightning is either very bright or very dark, and can distract the wearer. For evil characters, it doesn't spark during battle, but for good characters it sparks frequently during battle.


Greth Cherant was a high priest of Pelor. He would travel the lands, helping those in need, and doing the bidding of the sun god. One day, whilst fiercely defending a town from an army of ghouls, the necromancer commanding them sent him to the plane of shadow. He looked for a way back to the material plane and stumbled across what appeared to be a shadowy area, amongst the shadows. Always looking for the light in such places, he entered this foreboding place, only to discover its identity, Nevervoid. Upon entering, Greth was confronted with his innermost fears, twisting his sanity in way unimaginable. When he finally escaped, his chain shirt turned black, as had his heart. (DC 15, The Shadow's Shadow)

When he escaped, he was on the material plane, at the town where he was sent to the Plane of Shadow. Several years had passed, and apparently the necromancer now controlled the town. Undead patrolled the entrances, but Greth slipped past them, finding the town in perpetual torment. Ghouls, ghasts, ghosts, skeletons and zombies moved through the town, chasing the living as though they were toys. The feel of it made Greth slow down, savoring every moment. When he noticed that a group of priests and paladins managed to get into town, he strolled right up to them. Being fairly well known gained him access to their group, whose plans were to drive out the undead, and kill the necromancer. He took control, getting them into a circle around him. The thought of what he was about to do disgusted him, but he had no choice. It was either help them, or be killed by them. In the centre of the holy group, he spun quickly, and cried out "VOID LIFE". Instantly the holy group was no more, having all died in that moment. From that day on, he and the necromancer ruled that town, causing fear and torment for several decades. (DC 20, The Unholy Purge)

Few people understand the nature of Nevervoid. While it has connections to every plane of existence, it is only visible to those it connects to. Greth Cherant became a cleric of Pelor in an attempt to banish Nevervoid's contact. He didn't realise that the blackness of his dreams was his connection, and that it couldn't be banished. When he was sent to the Plane of Shadow, the connection was strengthened, not only from the travelling through planes, but also by arriving on the Plane of Shadow, where Nevervoid's influence is strongest. What he thought was random searching was actually a subtle call of Nevervoid, drawing him to it. His nightmares were with him since he was young, up until when he entered Nevervoid. After that, he no longer disliked his dreams, but reveled in them, drawing strength from their terror. Every night he joined with Nevervoid, making him stronger. (DC 30, The Nightmares)

Legacy Rituals[edit]

Three rituals are required to unlock all the abilities of Nevervoid's Protector.

The Shadow's Shadow: You must do whatever is necessary in order to cause fear. This may mean kill a person in a gruesome manner, or simply draw a scary picture. If people aren't scared, you must cause at least some doubt to their safety. Every time you fail to live up to this pledge, you lose the two highest abilities of Nevervoid's protector that are available to you. Cost: 2,500gp,. Feat Granted: Least Legacy (Nevervoid's Protector)

The Unholy Purge: You must kill 3 or more people from the same church. It need not be a direct assault, but each death must occur within 3 days of the last. Failure to do so will cause you to repeat the ritual. Cost: 12,500gp. Feat Granted: Lesser Legacy (Nevervoid's Protector)

The Nightmares: To truly control fear, you must understand it. You must spend 2 weeks in deep contemplation of all aspects of fear. During this time you must spend 8 hours a day meditating, and cannot engage in physically, or mentally demanding activities, such as combat, or spellcasting. If your contemplation is interupted, the ritual fails and you must start again, though you don't have to pay its gp cost again. 45,000gp

Table: Nevervoid's Protector

Level Personal Costs Special
Attack Penalty Save Penalty Hit Point Loss
5th - - - Shroud of Nevervoid
6th - - 4 -
7th - - - Nevervoid Knowledge
8th - -1 - -
9th -1 - 2 -
10th - - - Fearful Climb
11th - - - -
12th - - 2 +1 Ghost Touch Chain Shirt
13th -2 - - -
14th - - - -
15th - - 2 Claim of Nevervoid
16th - -2 - Nevervoid's Calling
17th - - - Attraction to Terror
18th - -3 2 -
19th - - 2 -
20th - - 2 Fearful Healing

Wielder Requirements[edit]

Nevervoid's Protector is usually worn by Nevervoid Haunters, or evil clerics.

Nevervoid's Protector Wielder Requirements


Any evil alignment

Intimidate 2 ranks

Legacy Item Abilities[edit]

All of the following are legacy item abilities of Nevervoid's Protector.

Shroud of Nevervoid (Sp): At 5th level, once per day on command, you can cause the Nevervoid's Protector to shed darkness as the spell.

Nevervoid Knowledge (Su): At 7th level, you gain a +2 profane bonus to Intelligence while wearing Nevervoid's Protector

Fearful Climb (Su): At 10th level, while wearing Nevervoid's Protector, you may walk on walls and ceilings, as if affected by the spider climb spell.

Claim of Nevervoid (Sp): At 15th level, when you spin around and issue the command word, you kill living creatures within 40 ft, as the circle of death spell. You may do this once per day. The DC is 19, or 16 + your Charisma Modifier, whichever is higher.

Nevervoid's Calling (Sp): Once per day, at 16th level, you may use plane shift as the spell, after issuing the command word. Only willing creatures can be transported with this effect.

Attraction to Terror (Su): While wearing Nevervoid's Protector, you gain a +6 enhancement bonus to Charisma at level 17.

Fearful Healing (Su): At 20th level, you heal 1 point of damage per level every hour rather than every day and regrow lost body parts, as though wearing a ring of regeneration. The healing increases to 1 pont of damage per level +1 for every person within 30 ft who is frightened, panicked or cowering. This effect only applies when wearing Nevervoid's Protector.

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